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Does your child need help in school?  Does he/she struggle with homework?  Do you feel your child needs extra support with FCAT skills? 

I can help!!  My name is Melissa and I am a teacher in Alachua County and mother of 2 school age boys.

I received my degree from the University of Florida with certifications in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Learning Disabilities.  Through the years, I have taught in classrooms with varying exceptionalities.  My experience ranges from teaching children and adults labled ADD, ADHD, Learning Disabled, Emotionally Handicaped, Autistic, Physically Impaired, Down Syndrome, and Gifted. 

My philosophy on teaching is that EVERY child CAN learn!!  It is OUR obligation to provide them with the opportunity to do so!

Please contact me at:


Melissa :)



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Comment by Melissa Dougherty on September 21, 2011 at 12:01pm

I would love to talk to you.  I can call you later this afternoon if that's alright with you.  What I usually do is assess him first and see what I need to work on, get your input, etc. and then go from there.  I'll call you at the number you gave me!  Looking forward to meeting you over the phone. lol  

Welcome to Gainesville though, I hope you enjoy the other things here, but understand what you mean. I would be very frustrated.

Comment by Melissa Dougherty on September 21, 2011 at 9:11am
Joslyn,  I actually do have experience with dyslexic children.  My graduatuate degree from UF is in Learning Disabilities.  I have taught children and adults with it through the years and have seen success.  :)

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