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Meet Jaye Perrett one of the Co-Founders of EARS -She dedicates her whole life to animals!!

Jaye Perrett has dedicated her entire adult life to the protection, preservation and well-being of all animals. At the age of 18, she began volunteering with the Humane Society as an Animal Cruelty Officer. She later became a Deputy Sheriff in charge of the Animal Cruelty Dept. with the Marion County Sheriff's Department.

After 30 years of service to the animals, Jaye sustained a permanent disabling injury while saving the life of a dog. Devastated by the fact that she could no longer fulfill her duties as a Deputy, Jaye knew that she had to find some way to stay involved with helping animals.

Having always had a love for tigers, lions and other endangered big cats, she founded EARS


And still, in 2009, Jaye continues her life work.  She has been a Finalist for the Animal Planet Hero of the Year award for the past two years.  Here is one of the many nominations that were sent in for Jaye: 

"Jaye Perrett, 58, retired animal cruelty officer and permanently disabled, delivers food to exotic animal sanctuaries throughout the southeast helping the caregivers struggling with the huge expense of feeding formerly abused and endangered animals and preventing the euthanasia of many big cats. She travels throughout the night often sleeping in her truck so the food is fresh when delivered. In spite of extreme pain and disabilities experienced daily, Jaye has dealt with many blown tires, engine problems, breakdowns, fires and extreme fatigue while on the road which often includes personally getting under the truck or trailer to do the repairs herself. In June she was rear ended by a semi totaling the trailer, but somehow still made arrangements for the meat to be delivered to its destination. With injuries from the accident, she continued to Missouri to make arrangements for another load. Even with poor health, she never waivers from her vision. Traveling everywhere with her are five rescued dogs. She takes no income from her endeavors so she can keep the food affordable for those who need her help. Jaye’s lifelong, no-nonsense commitment to humane and compassionate treatment of all animals is an inspiration to everyone who has the pleasure of knowing her and has encouraged others to become more involved in animal welfare."


Please visit our website at WWW.EARSINC.NET FOR UPCOMING TOURS


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Comment by Steffie(Ears Animal Sanctuary) on July 19, 2011 at 10:13pm
EARS Animal Sanctuary is having membership Drive and Animal Tour. Sat- July 30th at 1:00pm. Gail Bowen founder of EARS will be conducting a walking tour and some of the animals you will see are LIONS,TIGERS, BEARS, LEOPARDS, MONKEYS and more! For more information please contact Steffie at (407)647-6328 or email me at SKB255@AOL.COM Ears is located in Citra just north of Ocala Adult Tour & one year membership is $10.00 and Children (3-12) $5.00 R.S.V.P. IS REQUIRED and Tour size is limited to 40 people! EARS Sanctuary has many big trees that provides shading during your tour.  WWW.EARSINC.NET -great place to take the kids too!

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