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I currently have an insurance policy that I am just not happy with.  They are charging me $400 a month for my 4 month old and myself.   They are not only very expensive, but they also continuously mess up my paperwork--which is always a nightmare to fix.   Does anyone have any suggestions, perhaps something cheaper?



Debbie Deleo

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Comment by Elizabeth Boulet on May 31, 2011 at 4:05pm

When I was between jobs once, I took out a policy with USAA. It was cheaper than my previous employer's COBRA plan. If you qualify for USAA membership, you might check it out.

There's also Florida Kidcare, if you qualify. It would only cover your child, so you would need to get a policy for yourself.

You could also check out an online insurance quote site like If you find a policy you like, you'll have to research the insurer to make sure they are legit and reliable. For that matter, you could contact an insurance broker for help.

Some professional associations offer group health insurance. Mine offers it, but I thought it was pricey. Still an option.

If you are young and healthy and your child has few medical issues, you might want to check into a Health Savings Account paired with a high deductible insurance plan.

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