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Hi there, I need some help from moms!

As a quick background: I left my long term job in February with the hopes of returning to school. That was a difficult decision as my husband was already unemployed, but there was no opportunity for returning to school with that job- plus it would give us the opportunity for both of us to try something new. Shortly after leaving that job, I found out I was pregnant with our third son.

I am excited about the new addition, but things haven't gone the way I hoped. I have started school and my husband has gotten a new job, as well as the purchase a inexpensive fixer-upper to give us a stable home.

On my end it has not been so easy getting a job and my tuition is piling up as I do not get financial aid for another semester or two. I am definitely qualified for many positions, and have been interviewed for several I really wanted that would work well with a school schedule and children- but none have panned out. I fear my being pregnant is keeping me from getting a job.

As time goes by I really need employment to help supplement income for more stability ( husband works sales and its commission based so I want something to have guaranteed mortgage money).

I only can do part time (20-30 hours, or 2-3 days) because of school and my children will still be home with me most if the time. Full time daycare cost is not an option right now. I don't even mind doing a midnight shift, if necessary.

Again, I know if my being pregnant is a concern to employers ( yes I know it shouldn't be but let's all admit it is). So if anyone knows any options available for me please let me know!

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Replies to This Discussion I hear offers some legit work from home opportunities  (check out the forums).  RedVision as well.

You can do something like Pampered Chef, Avon, Pink Zebra, Premeir Designs or Thirty One gifts. ( I have alot of SAHM friends who supplement their income with these ventures.  It offers them schedule flexibility many of their parties I have gone to they brought their children need for daycare.  One of my friends even used her earnings to work her way through Law school.  The income can really pay!

If you are crafty, open up an Etsy account offers freelance work.

Or babysit for some of your working mom friends, that can earn you some extra cash as well.  (I did this when I was a SAHM)  or try to apply to a daycare center and have your children there with you as well.


Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but there is a position being advertised on the homepage. Here is the link:

Also, when I was in school, I worked at a local preschool. The hours were very flexible, plus, I got a great discount for my daughter to attend the school. :-)

Good luck!

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