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Why are these kids in Keystone Heights committing suicide?

The one from this week was a 7th grade girl.  She hung herself!  That's two in a month.  Three this year.  This is a little bitty small town 7th grade thru 12th grade school.  I haven't seen anything in the news but this is crazy and upsetting!

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I can't speak for now but that's where I graduated from in 2000. They tendend to over focus on sports kids with money and bullying ran rampant. I have cousins that were moved out of Keystone and I would see there Facebook full of talk

I believe two were related. A young man killed himself apparently over a relationship with the 7th grade girl. The girl felt she was being blamed and bullied for the boy's death and subsequently took her own life. In the girl's case, she had sent out "goodbye" messages to friends over social media prior to her death but it appears her friends did not realize the depth of her depression and did not act on the messages or report them to an adult.

The stories aren't being reported by local media because the suicides involve minors.

Well that is tragic.  And I know I have posted before how upset I was that the boyfriend's children are young 12 and 13 year old girls in a school with seniors and that the kids at the school seem to grow up so much faster than the kids I know in Gainesville that have separate middle schools away from high schoolers.  Both of his daughters have many friends that started having sex in the 7th grade.  The oldest one anyway looks very much grown up in her make up.  She gets asked for naked pictures of her boobs by older boys.  Most would mistake her for a college kid.  I know I wasn't allowed to date at 12

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