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My daughter will be getting her first American Girl Doll (McKenna) this year from Grandma and Grandpa. I know she will be THRILLED! But I am starting to wondering what we are about to get ourselves into!? I've talked to moms who say once you start, there is will just be more and more and more to buy. :-) It's seems like it will be a fun thing for my daughter to get into, but it's definitely pricey!

Do any moms on here have daughters that are into American Girl? Has anyone ever visited the store in Georgia? What dolls/accessories do your girls like best?

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There's a store in Georgia?

There are tons of crochet patterns available so you can make your own outfits!  My granddaughter hasn't shown an interest in them...yet.  I haven't crocheted any of them but there are some really beautiful ones, some sporty ones...quite a variety.

My daughter is into them. I always make her doll clothes. I have sewn almost all of her doll clothes from patterns I picked up on sale from Joanns.

You can make the shoes also, check pintrest, they have lots of ideas on american girl doll clothes and accessories.

My two are 14 now but we really did get caught up in the AG stuff between the ages of 6 and 10. It happened that my husband had conferences 3 consecutive summers in the cities where the flagships stores are located, Chicago, NY, and LA.  The stores are so beautiful with so much to look at that it is not terribly difficult to go and not have to buy too much.  And it was a treat to eat at the restaurants with their dolls.  Frankly, I was happy to see them play with dolls as long as they did.  In Atlanta, we passed 2 girls that were about 10 years old in full makeup and my 2 were traipsing through the mall with their dolls. I do not sew but there are tons of low cost alternatives for clothes on ebay or etsy, plus my kids did enjoy making their own clothes for them.  I am sad that the AG era is over at my house!!  Hope your daughter loves her doll.


We went with the German version (Kathe Kruse) of the American Doll because we liked the soft body. So we call her our German Girl instead of our American Girl which is funny to us. Sewing for dolls is very fun, the patterns are so easy and you can use your kids old clothes to recycle the fabric into doll clothes. I did that with several of my favorite outfits that has little stains on them and so I felt bad passing them on. So I just made doll clothes out of them. I will say we love having our Girl/Doll. Like someone already mentioned I think it keeps girls playing with dolls longer and helps them enjoy being a little girl. Also I am totally obsessed with brushing her hair and braiding it.

I think we should have an American Doll or just doll and bear playdate after Christmas.  My girls have American Dolls but no one else they know has them.  A tea party with their dolls.

Yes! I'd love to take Aubrey some time. :-)

Kristin Foster said:

There's a store in Georgia?

There's one in Atlanta.  They also opened one down in Miami as well. 

We took my daughter to the American Girl store over in L.A.  a year and a half ago when we were visiting some friends (we also celebrated her 4th birthday with their tea party since it was around her birthday).  We told her she could choose any doll she wanted, but in the end she chose an accessory- a violin that came in a case with a little music book and music book stand.  It was still pricey!  

We're going down to Miami next month to visit family and I'm thinking about taking her to the store.  We'll see if she'll finally choose a doll or another accessory. Lol


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