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So I just put my 2.5-year-old down for her nap, and I can hear her in her room playing with her toys. She has been doing this more and more lately. Some days she doesn't want to nap, but other days she is definitely ready for some rest! I am wondering if she is starting to wean off of naps? I certainly hope not as I really need these couple hours to get things done!

When did you child stop taking naps? Did you try to stick to their schedule every day, or did you play it by ear as to whether they needed a nap?

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Our son is 4 and still takes naps at daycare. On the weekends we play it by ear. If he sleeps past 8:30 am, he usually doesn't take a nap, but instead just rests in his bedroom for a bit or watches a movie.

Ahh.. I struggled with this for so long!
My daughter is turning 4 in April. She naps occasionally at school (only goes twice a week) and will take a nap once or twice a week at home. We had to stop calling it 'nap time' since she felt we were forcing her to sleep (we felt we needed to as well) so she does one hour of 'quiet time' after lunch. We use a clock that turns green when she can get out of her room, (you set the duration and the time to wake up in the morning) she can either play quietly or take a nap (naps are rewarded by staying up reading extra stories). In the morning she comes out saying "my clock turned green!!" at 7:30 and the same after her quiet time. Even if she doesn't sleep it gives me time to do what I need for an hour :)

Love that clock idea! Where did you find it?

On amazon, it's called the "ok to wake" clock, life saver, won't make her sleep, but she's learned to play quietly in her room :)

At what age did you start using it with her?

Magali Jorand-Fletcher said:

On amazon, it's called the "ok to wake" clock, life saver, won't make her sleep, but she's learned to play quietly in her room :)
Just at 3. To get her to want to play quietly we told her she could pick out a toy from the store if she stayed in her room until it turned green for three consecutive days, (we used a calendar). i think she felt empowered by the idea. For a 2.5 yo it might take some more immediate reinforcement though. Probably set it for 30 min, then slowly increase quiet time over a week or so? It's pretty easy to set the clock :)

William stopped his morning nap around age 2 but his afternoon nap only just ended a few weeks ago and he just turned 4. The struggle to get him to nap was not worth it anymore. I've tried quiet time and it worked for exactly one day.

It's really put my schedule into a spin because his naptime was the only time I had to get some housework done in peace and ... workout. It's really hard to do Zumba with your kid running around you in circles...

This time change is not making nap time any easier!!! Riley is really fighting sleep now, probably because it feels so early to her. I desperately need nap time, so I am hoping we can get back into our routine, but it doesn't look good...

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