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What is a good age to let your child go away without you?

I am curious to hear what you all think is a good age for children to be able to go away without parents?

Aubrey (6) is going with my parents (and her two cousins) on a week-long RV trip to Tennessee this summer. I completely trust my parents, and I've set some "ground rules" for the trip that I know they will respect. I think it's important for children to have that special time with their grandparents (away from their parents). But I am still really going to miss her!! She stayed with my parents for a few days when I had Riley, so I know she will be totally fine. I just hope I will be OK! 

Did you ever go visit with your grandparents as a child? Do you let your children go away without you?

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I went to Illionis every summer with my grandparents for as long as I can remember. We would drive (about 15 hours or so), and we'd usually be gone for about 2 weeks. I would def let my kids go witht my parents, and even my grandmother (if she could handle all 3 of them). I even remember my mom telling me that my grandparents took me to Michigan at 2 months old to visit family with out her or my dad!

I had overnights with my grandparents. We saw one set every Saturday and the other set every Sunday.  Sometimes I wish Kaylee and Caden's grandparents were that close so they can have the same bound I did with my grandparents.   My Granny and Granddaddy never traveled but my Mamaw did.  When Mamaw traveled and wanted to take us along my parents always went with her.   My grandfather passed away when I was young and when Mamaw traveled she like to take all of the kids and there are 3 of us.

My brother and I used to spend many weekends with our granny.  We loved being with her.  It was always a treat to go to the grocery store with her, and pick out a small toy.  We would also make ice cream and a snack tray on Friday's and Saturday nights and watch shows like "The Love Boat", "Dallas", and "Fantasy Island".  I will always treasure that time with her.

For a few years I also lived in Texas, and would spend weeks with my grandma and grandpa.  They lived on a farm and grew their own vegetables and some fruit.  I loved helping my grandpa in the garden, and then later helping my grandma snap beans and can.  They also had chicken, so we would collect eggs every day, and I would play with their dogs and hang out with the neighbors grand children.  Good times!

I too wish we lived closer to my parents so that our kids could spend more time with them like we did growing up.

when we lived in england i would let my inlaws take my son whenever they wanted from a very young age. when i was a kid i only saw my grandparents about twice a year. my husband's family have all lived on the same street for 120years, so they're really close. it's important to me he gets to spend as much time with them as possible, especially since i knew we would not be staying in england. the longest he was away at the grandfolks was when he was 4 and we had to go to portugal for 6weeks(work assignment). we missed him like crazy. he was perfectly fine. now that we're settled in FL i don't plan on sending him away much. we've got plans to visit with my folks but i'm going along. my folks spend most of the year at sea so when they're on land they want to see everyone. 

We let our kids make the call not the in laws--and for the in laws that made the fuss about it the kids didn't want to visit at all. It was about control. When our kids felt like it was their choice and they had control over it then they were happy to go and and stay for as long as they could but when someone tried to force them they refused and we didn't make them go.  Sometimes they were tired and didn't want to go camping or whatever and I get that--the in laws didn't but I held my ground for my kids and I was always glad I did.  Relationships are two way streets-even for kids.  Now even my older, grown kids go hang out with the grandparents just because they can--not because someone tells them it is time to.  I guess every family is different. 

Even though it will be difficult for you this will be a wonderful experience for your daughter. It will give her a chance to start to develop some independence and confidence in her abillity to be in different situations without her parents while still being with familiar people.

I lived close by both of my grandmas so I saw them pretty often. If we went on vacation my grandma went too so I did not have to get sent off alone with her. My daughter is only 14 months old so no she has not went off on a trip without us :) As far as what age I would let her do that I really do not know. 

Im not sure I would be ok at any age. I think when they are 18 and off to college I'll have no choice but id like for them to not be away more than an over night. Haha. Im at home with my babies and having someone else have them would be hard. G-ma asked to take my oldest to the sea food festival while I went to visit a friend in Tampa which would mean that I was 3 hours away and I couldnt do it. I would love for my parents to take her on an RV trip but I wouldnt let anyone else. hahaha. In the end..our parents had us and our children arent theirs but they have us as parents and therefor cant be that much different than when we where will be just fine.

I think it is up to the parents as to when it is OK for your child to go away without you.

I am glad Aubrey has great relatives that you trust her with for extended periods of time.  I unfortunately do not have that in my family nor my husbands.  So it would have to wait until the kids are alot older (like early teens).  For me to trust my folks or hubby's folks for extended periods.

My son had his first sleepover at a friends house and I was nervous/missing him the entire time.

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