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Share your ideas and tips for thanksgiving. Open up travel ideas for first time mommies.

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My hubby and I have finally learned (now that our girls are 6 and 2). that sometimes, you just have to do what works for your family. We used to always try to push our kids to be wherever, whenever, but then the kids get fussy and no one has a good time. We try to travel during nap times, and we always make sure to bring lots of snacks and some fun CDs to listen to in the car whenever we are traveling for the holidays. This Thanksgiving will actually be our first that we will be staying home and hosting. I am SO excited!

Don't do it--stay home, relax and let your kids grow up. The kids could care less--all they know is they aren't in their normal place, they are off schedule, over stimulated and miserable most of the time. Which makes the parents miserable and over tired. So, stay home let them come to you and if they don't fine--in a few years when the kids can handle everything then you can go. Be kind to yourself--after all you are the ones with the young kids. No matter what you do--the kids wind up over the top, you wind up exhausted and none of you enjoy the holiday if you travel. After 4 kids--that is my advice. 

I am Asian and I have an American husband. When we it was just the of us, when we havent had our son, most of the time we travel from the states to the Philippines to spend our thanksgiving. When we got married and had a son, we spent 2 thanksgivings at home. And we hosted and invited my husband's family for dinner. This coming thanksgiving, we are planning to go to the Philippines and spend time with my family. I am getting nervous and worried on what to pack and get since this is our first time to travel with our son who's 2 years old. I need some advice and travel tips.

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