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I work from home most days, but Saturdays and Sunday I go into myoffice for non-set hours. The kids normally spend the weekend days with my husband but his job is going to require weekend hours for him now (instead of Mon-Fri). 

I need some suggestions, if any, about weekend day care. All centers I have looked into so far have no weekend hours and I only have two weeks to get things set up. 

I have a 5yo, 4yo and 5mo. I am not super opposed to in home care, but my husband is very hesitant about it. I know it is not the most convenient schedule, but I am hoping someone knows of a program that I haven't found yet?

Help, please, Moms!

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I'm not sure but I think all of the daycare centers are M / F, with no weekends.
You might be better off getting a high school girl to come to your house.
Not sure what sitters cost these days.

Twinkletoes Nanny Agency offers weekend care and overnight care in addition to full time nanny services and hourly babysitting. I've used their service many times with different sitters and loved them all! All their nannies/sitters go through rigorous background checks, and the owner is super nice and will do her best to find the right nanny for your needs. There's no contracts - and you only pay for the hours you use. I HIGHLY recommend you contact them. Twinkletoes does a lot of work with doctors families.

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