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I have never gone to Walmart on Black Friday because I've heard it's unbelievable crowded. But it looks like things could be even worse this year for the store if the employees refuse to work! Employees at 28 stores in 12 different cities walked out of work on Tuesday, and "the group behind the protesters alleging unfair labor practices by Walmart has warned that the campaign will come to a head on Black Friday." Here is the full article:

Have you ever gone to Walmart on Black Friday? Do you go shopping anywhere on Black Friday?

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Good for them! You will never catch me at WalMart, let alone on Black Friday. I've seen/heard too many horrible things.

I avoid Wal Mart whenever possible. There is too much temptation to buy things we don't really need. I have never shopped on Black Friday. I think there are better prices at other times if you plan carefully. I don't like to be in crowds. I don't really think it is safe to be out on Black Friday.

My daughter Brandy and I both worked for Walmart at the Distrabution center in Alachua and I can tell you that it was the best job I had in my life, we both loved it there and they are by the book work orientated
They are very strict about work on the clock only taking your breaks on time and never any issues with supervisors They are so respectful and really care about you.
When Brandy was killed in the car accident they helped us so much the general manager is the best.
I have not worked in the stores but the DC in Alachua is the best!

I look through all the ads and there has never been anything I saw that was worth waiting in line for. I usually have to work so I'll just get up a few hours before work and swing into a few places to see if what I wanted was left. In fact the only thing I have ever waited in line for was to sign my daughter up for classes at O2B Kids. I have to agree with Christine I always end up with things I don't need!

I always shop on black Friday.  I get up at 0300 or 400 am to get there at 0500 am but now they are opening earlier and earlier and its really cutting into the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Toys R Us opened at like 0900 or 1000 at night for black friday last week and Walmart was at midnight.     

I'm sure that if you look at the ads and plan Black Fri. can save you money. I did see a story on t.v. about how prices are lower now than they will be on black Fri.

Here's a link to the story. It's on the top row left:

I pretty much have my shopping done because I had cancer surgery so I shopped before that since I am in the middle of a long recovery and may need more treatment. I even have everything wrapped.

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