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Back in December I was looking for some direction on my job situation at a preschool where I was witness to some neglect as well as questionable behavior on the part of my immediate supervisor.

Long story short the situation was reported and I was not given any warning that the director was called and advised of an "anonymous" letter detailing problems within her school. I was called into her office and questioned. Being blindsided I ultimately I admitted to discussing my concerns outside of the school. By that time word had spread and it was pretty obvious that I was involved. I was given pretty cold treatment by the other teachers and aides, understandably.

Someone from the state came in to observe our class for about 30 minutes and witnessed one boy go and get a sticker from a bookshelf and proceed to try to eat it. I like to think that that at least gave my concerns some weight.

Within the first week of my return after the holiday break the staff were given their reviews at a group meeting, that's a whole other concern, and my review ultimately stated that I did not have "school spirit" and that I should work on that. Additionally I was not taken off of the 90 day probationary period which meant that I could be fired at any time.

I've never in my life had a poor work review and considering the now-hostile environment I met with the director and told her that I could no longer work there. I offered to finish the week so as not to leave her in a bind but was told that they wouldn't need me. Also understandable considering my immediate supervisor was barely speaking to me unless she absolutely had to.

On a positive note one of the babies is now on a wait list for another school so that she will not be thrown into the toddler class in the Fall. The toddler class is a scene straight out of Toy Story 3 if anyone has seen it!

In retrospect I should have considered going to the director but my previous experience with her was very unfavorable and I said as much to her. Hopefully there will be changes made but I'm not expecting anything.

So, that's it. Lessons learned by everyone I think.

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On a side note I also would suggest for moms and/or dads to trust their instincts. I had a not-so-good feeling about this place when we first toured it but it was our only option so I went with it.

Good for you for standing up when you saw something (a lot) wrong! It's a shame the behavior of the other employees won't change to benefit the school and children.  Good luck to you and your kids in finding a nurturing learning environment. 

Thanks for posting this update! I think you did the right think by reporting the things you felt were inappropriate. You should be proud for taking a stand! And if your employers decided to treat you poorly for doing so, then that's her problem. But hopefully all the children will be treated better now that you have made your concerns public.

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