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Does anyone know ANYONE that is hiring!? I have been searching for employment for over a year and can not find anything!! I've applied EVERYWHERE!!!! Please help!! Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!! 

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Have you tried local preschools and the local school board?  This is the time of the year that they often hire for next school year.

I was in the same exact boat.  :-(

I was laid off and could not find a job for over a year as well.

I finally got a job (at UF) BUT what I had to do was accept a huge pay cut. :-(

I have a job but I am making about half of what I made before...but at least I am bringin in an income.

You simply might need to lower your expectations...then when in the meantime apply, apply, apply, apply.

I am basically working just to cover daycare expenses. :-(  But I know that this will not last forever and I have to remain positive that I will find something better eventually.

And I know you will too.

Try   - I actually got a call from them today wanting to hire me...but I was actually interested in their Telecommuting postings (so I could work from home parttime)  But they wanted me to work at their office location.  So I declined.   All jobs...but I notice not ALL jobs are posted here, so I refer to other sites as well Shands  UF  County  City of Gainesville Federal Jobs  State of Florida jobs

Also Craigslist, the Alligator and the Gainesville Sun has job postings.

Do not give up hope I have been there.  Just try and stay positive and keep searching.  Good Luck to you.

Victoria T, Thank you very much!! Most of these I have looked into and continue to look into on a daily basis. I understand in this economy that I may not find something to my credentials,  but I've gotten to the  point of I don't care anymore. I truly just need an income. I've applied to every from Mcdonalds to Shands to UF to everywhere!! LOL How long was it before you heard from Uf?? I applied to a couple positions that really interested me last week and haven't heard anything just yet. 

 Cindy, I have not, but I will look into it! Thank you for the advice!!

I know exactly how you feel. :-(

I applied to McDonalds, CVS, Publix....never was contacted back. :-(

UF it took awhile.... My husband works here he really urged me to work here too since they offer good benefits for spouses.  I got a few interviews with Shands...never got a call back.  I think I might of had a leg up with Shands because I worked there previously.  With UF I got 1 interview for the PERFECT job (met my credentials, etc) interviewed for it...never a call back.  :-(   I applied like crazy to jobs at UF, and everywhere else.  I understand the frustration.  I had it too.  I thought it was unending. :-(

Eventually I greatly lowered my standards...applied to jobs with less desirable pay...and was contacted like a few weeks afterwards, interviewed and was hired right a way.

Another thing to try is Temp agencies.

Kelly Services got me into Shands a few years ago.

TempForce I heard gets people into UF.

Temp agencies are very strict.  Do not miss an appt (I unintentionally did this with Kelly Services when I went back to them after my recent layoff...and blew my chances :-(  They usually give you a few crappy temp jobs at first I think to fully evaluate your work ethic.  Then they will offer you the good jobs.  this is what landed me my job at Shands.  I actually got paid more as a temp as I do now.  (which is kind of depressing)  that was 4 years ago too when the economy was alot better.

It really sucks since I hold a college degree and was making more money before when I did not have one.  So now I am making less money...but now have student debt. :-(

I am sending positive vibes your way.  I wish you luck in your job hunt because I have been there and I know how it feels.  Several people have left my dept at UF and they are not hiring anyone because my dept has no money so we are actually experiencing a hiring freeze.

Its tough all around.  so although I am making peanuts and pies....I feel grateful that I have an income...a meager one...but at least an income.

I wish you the best of luck!!! I have two degrees and have extensive accounting and customer service background. I've even been told once or twice I'm OVER qualified! I was like what!?! Seriously!?! If I'm WILLING to take a pay cut then hire me!! LOL I'm trying to remain positive, especially with my two little ones. 

I never thought of temp agencies though! Thank you!! I will look into the ones here in Gainesville. Thank you very much!!! Good luck and very happy you finally found a job!! = D 

Lots of great positions are available now:

¨ Behavioral Specialist

¨ Pool Manager

¨ Swim Instructor

¨ Lifeguard

¨ Pool Attendant

¨ Site Supervisor

¨ Recreation Counselor

Earn great pay while having fun! Visit

Camps places. Sun Country is a great place to work and they have a Gainesville and Jonesville location. check them on the web

good luck

Thank you Kathy! There is a great position available with them in line with exactly what I'm looking for! Here's hoping!!! Thank you all!!! = D I love this site!!! 

Hi Nicole,

Have you thought about a Home Based Business?  I work at UF full-time, and also have a Pampered Chef business.  I love both!  There are a lot of moms on here that work for other direct sales companies.  This might be something to think about until you find the right job.  Let me know if you have any questions.



Rebecca, unfortunately don't most at home business require up front costs? As it is any income that comes in now through my fiance goes to the girls and paying the bills. = ) I wish I could do something as pampered chef or thirty one. 

Wells Fargo has a message screen on their ATMS right now stating that they're hiring... :)


Hi Nicole,

Yes, I believe most companies have a start up cost.  With The Pampered Chef, you can start for as little as $80, or host your own party and get up to $40 off the cost of the New Consultant Kit.  Here is a link to more information:

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Would love to have you on my team!

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