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This is shocking! School terrifies children by bringing pretend gunman on campus!

I am in shock after reading this story and seeing this video!Children as young as 12 had to go into lockdown at a school in California when a "gunman" came onto campus and started "shooting" students. The 12 students shot  were actors that literally fell to the ground and were covered in pretend blood. Officials said the drill was to see how law enforcement would respond in the event of a real situation.

I understand that school officials and law enforcement want to take every precaution to protect our children, as they should. But I really think this type of realistic drill really crosses the line. 

What do you all think? Is this drill necessary to protect our children, or does it cross the line?

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I think that the schools should have drills so the students would know how to react if it happened.
They have fire drills. It should be done with all the students and teachers and police knowing and the parents should need to be told about it.
I have talked to my kids and told them what to do if a person with a gun starts shooting in their schools.
What to do if they can run and get out and what to do if they can't get out of the school.
I feel that kids feel Impowered when they know what to do in place of being scared and panic.
These drills would be different for younger kids and more detailed for the older ones in middle and high school.
We have to teach our kids to be safe, you wouldn't just hand your kids the keys to the car and say good teach them first then you at least know you have done what you feel is right. And they are ready to go out and drive with confidence
When I send my kids off to school I want them to come home that afternoon and if a drill about being safe helps then that's great.

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