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Take a look at this commercial. Am I wrong for looking at it from the point of view that my toddler sees kids talking about their smoking habits?! I understand their thoughts regarding the shock of it to adults, but the flip side is that my TODDLER see kids brag about smoking. Something isn't right...let me know your thoughts.

This commercial airs all over Brighthouse networks right now, on the regular news channel broadcasts around 6 pm. If the video doesn't work, go to you tube and search "florida quit line commercial its like their smoking"

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Wow, I hadn't seen this commercial yet. I do think this commercial makes a great point, a point that NEEDS to be made. But, I agree with you in that this commercial would probably be very confusing for young children. I know my 5-year-old daughter  would definitely be asking me a lot of questions if she saw this on TV. I wonder if there wouldn't have been a better way to get the point across to adults that wouldn't be so confusing for children...??

My question is what stations are airing this PSA? Is it a kid friendly network like ABC Family or Sprout? Probably not. I don't see anything wrong with I don't see anything wrong with it. I think it is geared to  adults and scheduled to appear on networks at times when most kids aren't watching.


But I do see the flip side of where this could become confusing for a toddler/school aged child.  But I think the smoking conversation happens in most homes after a kid witnesses a stranger or family member smoking.

I recently moved to Ormond Beach, so it comes on Brighthouse (Orlando market) on all of the news stations that have news at 6 pm. It comes on at least 3 or 4 times between 6 and 6:30 pm. I didn't think anything was wrong with it until I saw how my 2 year old would put down his toys and stare at it. I am actually a trained health educator and like the ad, but it is confusing to a child at the same time. It sends the right message to adults but the wrong message to kids. I guess it might not bother some people, but it bothers me...

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