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According to an article I just read, there is a new revolution going on among some children, parents and schools. Schools are forfeiting homework so children can have more time for down time and reading.

Here is the article:

What do you all think? Should children have homework?

I personally like that my child has a bit of homework each night. It gives me a chance to see what she is doing and how she is doing in school. That being said, I don't think children should have hours and hours of homework every night.

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My daughter is a third grader at Talbot this year.  Their homework is 30 minutes of reading daily and two math sheets sent home on Monday and due later in the week.  This is much different than the homework packet sent home when she attended Norton last year!  I would have to say that we both prefer this year's homework.  It gives us much more time to play and discuss the book she is reading, which has helped her AR scores.

I feel like it is not so much about the "how much" but the "what." I feel like if you want to encourage parental involvement, you have to send home dynamic assignments that help parents feel connected to the work being done in the classroom. Photocopied worksheets pulled randomly out of a book is just busy work and not worth my time, and it is no wonder kids hate it. One example is a second grade math worksheet sent home with my son, it asked us to measure our chalkboard... It was obviously not meant to be used at home.(How many folks have a chalk board at home?) It was as if no one even looked at the content of the page before copping it to be sent home. Give me something that is worth spending my precious family time on. If I have to limit the time spent teaching my kiddo how to code HTML, how to bake a pies, or how to weed a garden, then it had better be something of higher worth than a ditto.  The sad thing is that the teachers I know have such great resources, my favorite penterest sources are all teachers. Send me home some of that stuff. You are doing great stuff in the classroom... that is what I want to learn from you and what I want spend time doing with my kiddos.

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