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Hi All,

I'm looking for a lawyer that practices Family Law and has experience with special needs children involved in Child Custody and Child Support matters and am having a difficult time locating anyone in our area.  Does anyone know a lawyer specializing in this type of law?



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Replies to This Discussion     --this is a listing of atty in the Gainesville area that have been rated. Or you can just do and fill in the info you are interested in. I have no experience with any family law attys in Gainesville, but did work for one in Ocala. Jonathan Culver is an Ocala atty who lists and ofc in Gainesville. He always seemed on top of his game. Good luck. I know this is important to you. The atty I worked for did family law and was great, but he has passed away, or I'd refer you to him.

Hey Katye! Someone saw your post and sent me an e-mail with a website that he asked me to share.

I hope you are able to find what you are looking for! 


I recommend that you ask the special needs child's therapist and or doctor for a referral to an experienced family law attorney. That professional will be your expert witness anyway.

Jim Gray

Thank you all for responding. I appreciate the guidance and advice! 

Hi there... There are a lot of attorneys who deal with family law in Gainesville....   Especially this type of case...  I do not really want to say any is any better than another ... I came up against most of them when I worked in child protective services.  You may want to call  one of the Attorneys  Like Tracy Carlise's office and ask for advice I am sure they will direct you to an attorney who would suit your needs...  Please note I am not endorsing Ms Carlise or anyother attorney ... Its Just that I remembered her name!

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