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You may discuss your negative experiences, but please do so in accordance to the terms of service. Do not use libelous language when discussing businesses you've had negative interactions with, and limit your discussion to your experiences only. Derogatory and otherwise inappropriate language will be removed from these threads at the discretion of the Moderator and Admins.


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Thanks Stacy! I knew there was potential for negative things here, when I mentioned this section, and I know everyone has different expectations, so I guess we all need to take that into consideration. That being said, it will be so nice to give those hard working local people who still believe in customer service a nice plug, and it will be good to have advice when seeking out services and goods. For some great tips on appliances, appliance repair, educational games,etc. and computer services, please see my "ask the board post".
Happy shopping!
I had a great experience at Garden Gate Nursery (on 43rd ST) yesterday. The plants were better quality than Lowes or Home Depot and there were helpful people working there to help me learn how to keep them alive, best places to plant them etc. They have a great gift shop for garden/plant things that were so cute!
I am so glad this section was added! I hope we will get some good recommendations of where to shop and where to stay away from . People are always going to need to use local businesses and it would be so nice to have some feedback to help when making decisions on which services/shops to use.

It seems like it is getting more and more difficult to find good customer service these days, and it is soooo frustrating!

BUT, I have had three excellent experiences lately and wanted to spread the word about businesses with exceptional custormer service.

*I had to buy a new washer recently (ugh!) and decided to research on internet first. Finally ended up thinking HH Gregg had best price. Had never shopped there before, but do know that it is hard to get served at Best Buy. So I called HH Gregg and a really nice gentleman walked me through all the details while I'm looking on the internet to decide which washer (very reasonably priced and didn't try to sell me a higher priced one!) might best fit my needs. He had no clue if I would actually come in and whether he would make a sale. Well, I did go n the next day and it only took about 15 minutes to complete the sale. It was delivered (way out to the middle of nowhere) that Sat. by two more really professional guys, right on schedule! I was so amazed! I called the store with my compliments and they were very happy to get positive feedback. I guess most people only call companies to complain!

I will definitely go there next time I need an appliance (hopefully not too soon, though!).

*Also, there is an awesome appliance repair guy (although my washer was beyond repair this time) out in Newberry. It's Griffith's Appliance Repair and he is very fair and resonably price and can fix just about anything! I've been using him forever!

*I also had to get some computer work done at school and found a local company, Nexgen Technology, who came immediately, did a wonderful job (two different times and issues) and was very reasonable!

So, there still are good folks out there and I thought it would be nice to have a place to share about those to use and those to avoid!

I went to a little Feed Store on NW 6th St just north of 23rd Ave last weekend to procure baby chicks for my photo sessions. The employees were so great. I am baby chicken ignorant and they took the time with me to show me exactly what feed I needed, one kind of water container, and even what chicks to get (only girls). Someone walked me to my car with my purchases as I was parked at the Trophy Shop. I would definitely go back.
Well, I thought I wouldn't have to visit HH Gregg for a while again, but apparently my appliances are all getting tired! My dishwasher bit the dust and I needed a new one, no hope for the old. I just missed the appliance rebate on washing machine (too early) and on DW (too late) - go figure!! I HATE to shope so it was pretty traumatic to have to do it twice in one month, but HH Gregg made it so easy again! In and out in less than a 1/2 hour! Not delivered yet, but hoping for as good an experience as last time. Did I mention that washing dishes by hand is no fun!!
I would like to second Griffith appliance repair in Newberry--I knew the drain in my fridge was plugged but couldn't find how to get to the plug--not only did he clean it but he showed me how to clean it so next time I won't have to pay someone to do it. He also showed me where it was on my floor freezer (I have two separate units--one is a fridge and one is a freezer both uprights). On top of it--they arrived on time and were very pleasant.
Also--if anyone is looking for a kitten the Feed store in Newberry does have some from a local vet--the charge is $35 which covers all shots/spay/neuter and that's that--no extra charges at all. In the past when I've adopted when I get to the vet to have the spay/neuter done there's always been "other" charges--not this time--not a penny more out of pocket and it was a very healthy, well socialized kitten too. The feed there is great too but I thought it was just awesome that they keep adoptable animals there for the vet.
Stone Cold Creamery on Newberry Rd. Very nice staff. Really friendly to my kids.
Dr. Landay is so absolutely wonderful! He cares so much for both his patients and their parents. I can't say enough wonderful things about him or his wife! If you are looking for a pediatrian, give him a call and set up a time for a visit. You will love him as much as we do!
New Dollar Tree on 13th and NW 23rd..
wow they have sooo much more than any other dollar tree I have EVER BEEN IN! LOVED it. They had a medium width grosgrain ribbon for $1 for 4 yards which is excellent. Many colors too.

I will be back (granted we live nearby) but it is by far the best dollar tree :)
I do NOT recommend Cloud 9. Offended does not begin to describe it. I went for a scheduled haircut appointment today and was refused service because I had a sleeping baby with me. First they told me they didn't have room for the umbrella stroller so I said I could hold him because he would be sleeping the whole time. Then they told me it was a liability with the scissors and water? Perplexed, I assured them that my sleeping 5mth old would not be touching those things and then I asked if the stylist would be dropping scissors? Finally they informed me that they have a "no children allowed policy". I could understand how it could be distracting for a long massage but for a haircut? I cannot begin to describe how rudely I was spoken to or how it left me offended and angry. I had a large gift card given to me for Cloud Nine and had every intention of booking more services after my first appointment today however after being treated in this manner I will not be returning. I demanded a full refund. I just wanted to make sure my fellow mom's were aware of the discrimination and "policy" before seeking service there. I have a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in management and in my opinion for a venue that gains profit for providing a "service" they have NONE.
I have only been in Gainesville a short time, but have had a lot of great experiences.  First off, Publix (( Tower Rd ))... we don't have a store like this in NC.  We had Wal_mart of course, and Food Lion.  The first time I went to Publix was the day after we moved here.  A lot of groceries were needed and bought.  Not only did they help me to my car with the three carts of stuff, but they  also helped me load the car.  I was amazed.  They are wonderful and have nothing but good to say about them.  Secondly, Dr. Mixion of Kids Only Dental place.  He is so wonderful with my son.  The staff all around is wonderful.  Thirdly, Healthy Steps off of Tower Rd. has been great.  I have only met the LPN, but she's attentive, assuring, and concerned.  I had a wonderful doctor in NC, and have been scared of not finding the same thing here, and although I don't believe anyone can compare to my doctor in NC, Healthy Steps runs a close second!
I second Dr. Anna and her staff at Healthy Steps!!! The entire office is AMAZING. I have been going to her for 6 years and have NEVER had a bad experience. I can almost always get same day appointments and everyone always remembers our kids. They go out of their way to be comforting to both children and parents. I can't say enough how much we love their office. Every new or expecting mom I meet I immediately recommend them :)

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