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Hi there am looking for part time daycare/help during the week for my two children, they are 3 & 3mos & have some reservations about placing them in daycare I've heard so many horror stories & would rather them be in a safe 'home' enviorment with an already stay at home mommy :) I apologize if this is vague but don't really know where to start any help or suggestions as to where to look would be appreciated! Thank you & god bless

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Hi, I would defintly use Twinkle toes nanny agency, thats who I use on occasion, the owner comes to your house and she gets an idea of what you would want, then you get to interview some prospects, you let her know when you need a nanny, they come over to your house, then at the end of the month you pay for that time. I would never and really have never let anyone watch my kids (11 & 2) but I tried Twinkle toes and I am 100% comfortable.  They do have a web site. Traci

I just coped and pasted this from one of my previous discussions...

I do not know what part of town you live in or what.
this is a good place to start 

Look at all the registered/licensed childcare facilities/homes in Alachua County and look into their records for noncompliance etc.

As a fully licensed daycare home, I used Maria Papallo. She is awesome!

She is a home daycare and is usually full (as many licensed homecares are).

She is licensed and has a perfect record.

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