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Recommendation for a triple stroller for a soon-to-be bigger family!!

Hi fellow moms!!! I'm in need of some advice. I have a 3-year-old and 2-year-old and will soon have a newborn. I am in the market for a triple stroller. I can't decide if I'd like side-by-side or front-to-back. What concerns me with front-to-back is both my girls are VERY tall. They've been in the 99th percentile since birth and I started out with a double front-to-back stroller with them and in a month was switching to the Baby Trend Navigator, which by the way, I LOVE that stroller! It's my cadillac of strollers! LOL 

So I'm hoping you moms can help me out with any suggestions or recommendations on some brands, style, to look at? I even thought of keeping the double stroller and just getting a single stroller, but the problem there is my fiance isn't always with me, and I obviously can't push two strollers around by myself! LOL Any advice would help!! Thanks so much and happy holidays!!!

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THis is what I had. My first 2 are 12 months apart. they were 5,4,1 in this picture


Wow! Is it just a double stroller with a third seat attachment? Did it recline or have any cover that was removable? Also, did you have to detach the third seat every time you collapsed the stroller. My first two are a 1 yr and 25 days apart. lol. august 1, 2009, and august 26, 2010. And what is the brand for the double stroller? Is that just a universal seat that was purchased?

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