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My 6-year-old never really went through the terrible 2's phase, but my daughter -  who turned 2 in June -  is giving me a run for my money! She has always been a little more of a stinker then my eldest. :-) But now she is hitting a tantrum phase. If she doesn't get her way, or if she gets upset about something, she will pout. If pouting doesn't work, she will throw herself on the floor. When she gets into this big meltdown, I can't even pick her up because she throws herself and swings her hands. So basically, I have just been letting her have the tantrum. Some times I will try lying next to her to talk to her, or I'll come to her every minute or so and ask if I can pick her up, rub her back, etc. etc. Eventually she will calm down enough so I can talk to her.

Are these normal 2-year-old tantrums? I guess I got off easy with my eldest, because I don't ever remember her doing this! How do you typically handle tantrums? What if they are in public?

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My son was pretty bad.  After awhile I simply left him at home.  He loved coming to the store with me, but I kept telling him he was not allowed because he did not know how to act.  Eventually he got the message.
My son was a nightmare at age 3...not 2.  When he did have breakdowns in public I would ignore it and simply leave if it got out of hand.  Usually leaving made it worse but once we get to the car he would calm down and understand that we do not act that way.


Dr. Karp offers some good advice too in dealing with tantrums.  He is the author of the Happiest Baby on the Block...and the Happiest Toddler on the Block.  Rent the video from the library.

Good Luck!



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