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My daughter is in 7th grade here in Gainesville. This was her first full year in middle school. My eyes have been opened wide this year!

It started towards the beginning of the year when one of my daughter's teachers broached the subject of drugs with her class. She let everyone know that drug dogs had to be brought in last year to search lockers because of the drug issues.

Fast forward a bit to January. I found out about an incident that happened at a local high school between a boy and a girl in the bathroom after school hours. I found out through adult friends of ours. But guess what...My daughter found out through a friend of hers at school. This was a high school not even typically associated with the middle school she attends!

So then yesterday, she tells me that the middle school she goes to is known for drugs just like another middle school in the area is known for sex!

I am extremely greatful that I have an extremely open relationship with my daughter. She knows that she can come to me about anything. I started these discussions with her when she was about 11. I didn't know that these discussions would come in handy so quickly, but apparently that is the case. Please talk to your kids...especially those going in to or already in middle school. It's really crazy how quickly our kids are "growing up". And please, do not think that these issues don't exist at the "good" schools. They happen everywhere, I'm finding that out!

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You should see my boyfriend's daughter's photos on Instagram.  at 13 and in the 8th grade, they are very provacative.  Duck Face, Full make up, hair fanned around her pillow in her bedroom giving bedroom eyes to the camera, pics of her in a backless shirt and shots of her bikini clad top boobs.  Totally expectedly boys keeps asking her for sexting shots of her naked boobs.  She goes to school in Keystone though where 7th grade girls are with senior boys.  She looks like a college girl in her photos but she was 13 when she took those.  She's 14 now but still it bothers me.  I had to quit following her on Instagram as she's not my kid and I have no say in her upbringing but it was extremely upsetting to me  

Oh, and her friends, fellow 13 and 14 years old, they've been having sex for awhile now


This really makes me sad!  And I also wonder about those parents that don't feel it's necessary to talk to their kids.  You know, the "My kid is never going to do that" attitude. Or, "they are too young for that".

People, this stuff is happening, no amount of ignoring it will make it go away.

FYI parents: If and when adults find out they have been sending partially or completely naked pics then the ones sending (even if they are just passing it on) are participating in an illegal activity and will be arrested--we had a huge issue at our middle school where one girl sent a pic to a boy she liked and it went everywhere--we had 100+ kids get arrested--all those parents brought in and more. The kids just don't understand at all--until they are the victim. This is nothing to be messed with--if you don't monitor their phones and computers then they should not have them. Kids live in a completely different world from what you did growing up--the come to school drunk, have sex in bathrooms and more. What they talk about on the bus on the way home would make 50 shades of grey look like a cartoon. Please--protect your kids. The world moves far faster than it did even 5 years ago and childhood goes fast!

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