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I'm seeking a pediatrician for my toddler and hoping the group can offer recommendations for specific doctors, groups or institutions. I'm also seeking a pediatric dentist in Gainesville.

Thanks for any feedback!

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Dr. Wyatt with Gainesville Pediatric Associates is the best! I love that my kids go to him.  Both of my kids see him.  We have been going there for 10 years now.  He never rushes and takes his time with the kids and actually talks to them about what is going on.  My girl started showing signs of stress/anxiety/eye tic issues when she was in second grade and he knows she is straight A kid and he recommend that I take her for therapy to learn to deal with her anxiety issues.  Never once did he want to put her on medication.  Went to therapy and it worked.  He is great!  My son loves him too and the nurses are great.  My son hates to have his ears checked (he is 4) and the nurse whistles to distract him and asks him if he has birds in his ears.  I would rather drive  40 minutes into Gainesville to see him than see someone in my small town.  The wait time is almost nothing.

I'm thankful for all the comments. We are moving to Gainesville in a couple of months and have two little ones (ages 3 & 11 months) and looking for good recommendations! :)

I love Dr. Wyatt and his group too. We've been there 2 1/2 years also when my daughter was born and he is wonderful. We also never have a wait - not even 10 min. We've only had a couple of illnesses and needed to been seen and they were able to get us in right away. My older daughter sees Dr. Boone as she wanted a female doctor and she is great too. It's Gainesville Pediatrics at North Florida 333-5500.
Megan said:

We love Dr. Wyatt with Gainesville Pediatric Associates.  His nurses are always friendly and helpful.  We never have to wait for more than 10 minutes for our appoinment.  He's been our ped for about 2-1/2 years and we have been very happy.

We switched peds when my son was about 6 months old.  He had a bump on his outer eyelid that our previous ped insisted was nothing to worry about.  Switched to Dr. Wyatt and he recognized right away that it was a cyst and referred my son to a pediatric opthalmologist for surgery. 

We have been using Benton Pediatrics for 3 years now and we love them, they had a staff turnover recently because of the girls having their own children, but we have never had a bad experience. They offer walk in time from 8-9 so you can get your child seen when you don't have time to make an appt. Dr. B is associated with North Florida Regional Medical Center but the afterhours care is through Shands and they are great too. Dr. B is more old fashioned in the way that he is not going to jump on the antibiotic bandwagon or invasive treatments, he has children of his own and will seek out tried and true non invasive remedies. For example, my son suffered ear infections, we treated the infection as needed and worked with using humidifier and zyrtec rather than going straight to tubes (obviously, not all work out this way). Just remember whoever you go to, go with an open mind and know that wherever you go, find who feels right for your family,

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