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Hi, i am new to the site.


I am 9 wks pregnant with my first child. I miscarried back in october at 6 weeks so i'm a little nervous this time around. I am looking for a ob. I prefer to deliver at Shands due to my insurance but I am open to suggestions.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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i delivered with dr. richard brazzell at north florida regional women's center, and i've heard nothing but great things about the other doctors within that office as well. i also recently had the opportunity to meet one of the women's center midwives and if you are interested in going that route, she was very respectful and helpful. my L&D, and recovery with dr. brazzell and NFRMC staff was amazing, i was very happy when i took my baby home.

just curious, why do you prefer shands?
I had my daughter @ shands a year and a half ago, I go to the UF Womens Center @ Magnolia Park, they were wonderful, and I had a great experience, Hope this helps????
I go to the Magnolia Womens' Center. I amd fairly new myself. But they are wonderful. I see Carmen. She's the only carmen, sorry I can not think of her last name. Congrats and best wishes!
I also go to Magnolia Park. My OB is Sims-Cendan but I don't think she is accepting new patients right now. All the docs there are fabulous.
I went to Mag Park with my last child also. I LOVED my Doc and Shands was great too!!!
I am a Mag Parke patient as well and LOVE all the physicians there. Dr. Madani-Sims is my OB and she is wonderful! Dr. Davis delivered me and I have nothing bad to say about him. Don't let the size of Shands or rumors from other clinics fool you. I delivered at Shands and had a great experience. Just between (all of) us, but there is an unspoken rule that all Mag Parke patients get private rooms! The number is 352-265-6200. Unfortunately, it does take about a month for an appointment. Good Luck!
I had Dr. Eduardo Marichal from North Florida Women's Physicians. They are at the North Florida Regional Women's Center but I was extremely pleased with the staff and with Dr. Marichal. I've known him my whole life so I'm probably biased but we had to have a last-minute emergency cesarian and the nurses at NFlorida were amazing.
I second Dr. Brazzell at North Florida. I saw him for my daughter and am seeing him again for my current pregnancy. He is wonderful. :-)
Thanks to all for the feedback. I wanted to deliver at Shands because it was cheaper with my insurance (10% vs. 20% out of pocket) but after a VERY bad appointment with magnolia park I am thinking of switching to NFRMC. I havent gotten to see a doctor yet but my experience with the nurses and staff at magnolia park was less than desired. I am meeting with the nurses at NF womens center this week and my fingers are crossed.

Thanks again,

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