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I just had my 2nd daughter on March 2 and I feel like I gained so much weight. I keep telling myself that I'm going to start exercising and eating better, but by the time I get my 18 month old up and dressed, I feel drained. I think that maybe my energy is low because I'm eating junk food and not getting enough rest, but I figured since I drink a lot of water and exclusively breastfeed it would make up for the lack of exercise. Anyways, How do I create a daily schedule for my 18 month old so that I can get more exercise?

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I would start by just going walking.  If you have a stroller you can take both kids on daily walks.  That way you get some exercise and they get out of the house.  Maybe you can walk to a nearby playground and let the 18 month old play. By the time you get back, she should be ready for a nap and you can then use that time to cook a healthy meal or exercise more at home.  You should start off slow then work your way up to more strenous exercise.  I'm no fitness expert nor am I the most nutritiously conscious person and quite frankly I hate working out, but I found that if I make small changes to my diet, like buying reduced fat or light products instead of the regular, reduce my sugar (many no sugar items taste as good at the original) and maybe flavor your water with crystal light if you crave sugar, I can lose a few quick pounds.  Also I found that if I work out by dancing or doing some other activity that is not just running or being in a gym, I have more fun and stick with it longer.  Also try to find structured activities for the 18 mo old during the day, and make sure to put her on a strict bedtime.  I know that with a newborn you cant do that but you can try to get the baby into a routine as well like bath at the same time each night, feeding, then bedtime.  This way you have time to yourself at night to relax and work on things you want to do and then you can even set a bedtime for yourself.

I like to take lots of walks. :-) I just load my 2-year-old in the stroller, and we go for long walks. She has fun, and I have a chance to get out of the house and exercise. It's a great way to start the day and end the day. It's SO hard not to snack when I'm at home, but I try to only eat when it is actually time for breakfast/lunch/dinner. I also have two snack times. I basically eat like a toddler lol After I had my second, it was months before I felt ready to start exercising and losing weight. 

My way of not eating junk food is I simply don't buy it!!  Otherwise I DEVOUR a whole bag of chips or whatever it is in one sitting!!  It also doesn't really fill you up so you just eat more.  One thing I love to make is pasta because I can use my rice cooker and boil the water and then drop in the pasta and in no time it is done and it is A LOT of food.  Also eggs are nice cheap easy breakfast that is healthy!!!  I actually microwave mine and just put olive oil on the bottom of a microwavable paper plate and bamm I have a yummy omelette!!  I third the walking idea because you were talking about your stresses in your other post and walking and exercise can really help burn all that out!!!  Also maybe you could get a wii?  I'm not sure what exactly it offers but it could be a fun way to lose weight because I know they have exercising and dancing games.  Best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!!

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