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A friend of mine just shared this story on Facebook, and I wanted to pass it along...

A school in Nashille is taking some heat after deciding to limit the number of times a parent can visit his/her child during lunch. The schools says this change is an effort to keep the school as safe as possible following the Newtown school shooting. But some parents are outraged that they will only be able to visit their children during lunch two times each nine-week semester.

How would you feel if your child's school did something like this? I personally do not agree with what this school is doing. I think there are safe ways for parents to visit their children. At my daughter's school, parents have to sign in and be buzzed into the school.

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I imagine that with all the cuts in budgets which mean less personnel it has become difficult to monitor  adult visitors on campus. Also, some parent visitors do cause problems for the school which can detract from keeping the campus safe. Here are some examples: parents who come everyday to lunch and don't give their child a chance to interact with other children; parents who want to feed their child if the child isn't eating; parents who eat part of the child's free lunch; parents who come to school dressed very inappropriately; parents who interfere with the cafeteria monitors regarding discipline; parents who argue with other parents or with students; parents who wait for the teacher to pick up the class and then try to discuss their child's progress with the teacher; parents with criminal records or restraining orders who try to come on campus. All of these things keep the school employees from doing their jobs which now include keeping the children safe.

Ridiculous. I would be LIVID. Let's be honest the parents that do show up to have lunch with their kids are TYPICALLY non issue adults. I feel like more parents making an appearance in a school would be a positive effect on safety. More adult eyes able to keep an eye on what is going on. Also I clearly remember as a kid when my mom or another parent would come to eat lunch at school you were on your best behavior! If they want to tighten up security measures for adults on campus  fine but to limit access of parents to the kids is not right and I do NOT feel like that helps security at all.


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