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My 6-year-old has always been a pretty well-behaved child. When she was a toddler, I did some basic baby-proofing, but she was usually content just playing with her toys or reading a book. My 22-month-old on the other hand is a trouble maker! She likes to get into everything and climb on everything!. Parenting such an exploratory child is so different, but she definitely makes us laugh. :-)

Do you have a child that can be a handful??

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I know what you mean.  My daughters used to pull off the plastic outlet covers. They were in the refrigarator when I opened it and tried to do everything my son did.  My kids are a total of 3 years apart. It was definitly fun fun fun.

Yes! Both of my younger boys are like that. I have a very well behaved 8 year old. My 5 year old is starting to get better behaved but still has his days...And my almost 4 year old OMG! He is like having 3 kids just byhimself:/ I think it is because they see the big kids doing...Our now 3 year old climbed the fence the day after we put it up (when he was 2!). He has never been kept out of things with baby gates that worked with the other two boys. My middle son has learned to write his name....all over the walls...and my youngest one seems to break everything he finds...doesn't matter where you put things, the younger two will reach them. Lock stuff up? They will find your keys and unlock it LOL. They are too smart for their age:/ If they were not so cute I don't think I could put up with them:) lol

My daughter is very curious. She likes to hold and see everything! She is also a climber! The girl is not walking yet but she can climb just about anything. She is so much fun...definitely keeping me from gaining a bunch of weight with this pregnancy running after her!!

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