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My husband and I are having such a difficult time finding friends with kids, that understand we can't go out and party anymore, but still want to have a good time! We are football fanatics, so we are always looking for people who want to watch the games together. I go to the gym a lot, and would love to have someone to go on walks or jog with. Anyone in the same/similar boat! When I was pregnant with my first child (now 4) a friend of mine told me when you have kids, no one talks to you anymore. I have discovered this to be quite true. We now have a second child who just turned one, and we are ready for new friends, but seems like its so difficult to meet anyone these days. I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way!

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Nope, we're in the same boat!
Now that we have a newborn, our already limited fun time sans-kids is down to zero :(

I have 2 kids (4 and 3) and we have very few friends with kids.  Really, only a handful that we do stuff with. Which gym do you go to?   I'm at GHFC and I actually teach Flirty Girl Fitness at the Women's Center on Fridays at 5pm.   

Same here :) I have a 17 months old baby boy, and we go to the gym and playground but hard to find friends to do stuff. Lauren I was just thinking of taking your class! it sound like fun. 

Come out to class Angela!   We've got dance moves for all levels!  You'll learn all the moves you're going to do in the pop songs at one time and then I'll turn on the pop songs.  Not many breaks in between.  It will keep your heart rate up and keep you burning fat.  :)  My Friday class is usually a bit smaller than the Tuesday night class pretty much because its Friday.  lol   But its a great way to start your weekend off!  And the Kids Club isn't very crowded at 5pm at the Women's Center either.  My 2 kids will be in there.

Magali- I know having a newborn turns you into somewhat of a slave, especially if you breastfeed, haha. Do you have any other kids? I always said that I should go to the movies while my baby still sleeps through eveything, but that never happened, lol.

Lauren - that's awesome that you teach that class! I'm definitely open to fitness advice. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what I'm doing, haha. I usually work out at the Tioga GHFC since I live in Haile and it's a little bit closer :)

Angela - My little girl just turned 1 in august.. love connection? hahaha

Any of you have time for playdates? My 4 year old boy is in preschool every day until 2:00, and does soccer on Saturdays in the morning. Other than that, we don't do a whole lot!

by the way - anyone feel free to add me on facebook if you're on there. Don't imagine there are too many Tess Christensens in town :)

My husband and I are always saying the same thing! We are new parents (our little guy is just 9 weeks!) and don't have any friends around here with kids. I'd love to connect with some mommies even though my son's a little too young to "play" with other kids just yet :)

I have two Kids.  I have a 5 year old girl and a 20 month old little boy.  It is hard to make friends but I have made close friends through this very group.

Lauren I will at your class next friday! i am so excited, I think dancing is one of the best ways to do exercise and makes you happy :)

Tess , love connection oh for sure! hahaha 

I would love to do playdates, I bet my little guy would like that too. We are open and most of the time free to do anything fun, maybe Tess and Mary we could arranged something. 

Let's do it!

My children are the same age as yours! My daughter is four, and is in VPK, and my son turned one in July. I take them to play at the mall all the time, and now that it's cooling off, we love to go to the park! I'd love to meet up sometime. I tried to find you on Facebook, but couldn't. Feel free to add me, I know I'm the only Mandy Keuning! :)

My son is almost 4 years old and we have the same issue but add onto to that, we are older parents. I turn 40 and my hubby just turned 42. It is next to impossible to find others that are older parents with younger kids! Also add to that, I work from home and hubby works in Macclenney! Not conducive to making friends! Would love to meet up at a park with someone for a play group on the weekend or something. My little guy is very outgoing and loves meeting new friends!

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