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I heard about music classes for kids (babies on up) from a mom friend and am going to try them out with Emma (5 months) next Tuesday for the infant class.  I was wondering if anyone has heard about or tried these classes with any of their little ones.  The website is:

Thanks for any/all feedback!


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We did Kindermusik with our son and we all loved it. I haven't heard of Making Music, but I'm sure it is similar and helpful. Our son was 18 mts old when we started. I don't think I would have done it at a younger age. He just wouldn't have been able to get involved. I did play lots of music, sing and etc. with him at home when he was younger.
Can you fill me in on what they do in these classes? My daughters are 2 and 1 and love music, I was wondering if this might be something they'd like.

I have not tried this but I would be interested in trying it with my 7 month old!

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