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Mom suing Twitter and school over half-naked photo of daughter posted online

Check out this story:

A student in Tulsa was cornered in a locker room and restrained while another student took a photo of the girl in her underwear. The photo was then posted to Twitter and the girl has suffered from bullying and harassment at school as a result. The mother of the victim went to the school but was told nothing could be done.

I think it's incredibly sad how first, these girls acted so poorly and didn't even think about the consequences of their actions. Second, if it's true that the school did nothing to help in the situation, then I think that's absolutely horrible.

Do you all think the mom has the right to sue?

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I hope she wins millions because the schools sit back and do nothing about this type of behavior all the time.
Maybe if they get in trouble and have to pay out big bucks things might start to change
It makes me sick this subject hits real close to home because my grand-daughter has been bullied from the 4 th grade on and as much as we try to get something done, Nothing helps they just say the same old thing....Kids will be kids
If I were this lady I would go after the parents of the kids that did it Sue them and maybe then they will pay attention to what their kids do.

While some schools may sit back and do nothing, you can't group all schools into that category.  Many schools try to handle these type of issues every day, but it starts in the home.  The girl had learned somewhere that this type of behavior is acceptable and it starts with parents.  In addition, if the girl posted the picture to Twitter outside of school hours, is that the school's jurisdiction?  I have worked in a school and know first hand that when we tried to resolve an issue involving social media, the parents claimed that we had no business dealing with the social media issue because it happened after school hours.  The school can punish for the restraint and bullying because it happened on campus during school hours, but not knowing all of the details, the picture posting may have been out of their hands.  

Let's see--it happened after a basketball game therefore it is a school event. The victim was restrained against her will. Why was criminal charges not brought first against the school and the participating children/parents? I see no where in there that official criminal charges were even brought up. The children/parents and the school are at fault. Twitter though--they are simply a social platform--they have nothing whatsoever to do with it. If the parents aren't supervising their children then why on earth does anyone think that Twitter can or should? I agree with the people involved but not Twitter--that would be like suing the Gainesville Sun because someone posted a comment you didn't like on this forum. 

As far as saying that schools do nothing I am speaking from personal experience that 4 alachua co schools did nothing to help my grand-daughter with the bulling she had to endure from the 4th grand till she moved out of the county for this year.
And the gilchrist county middle/high school did nothing as well.
So maybe there are a few schools or some of the school employees want to help but I still feel that not enough is being done to put a stop to it.
If the punishment is harsh and the Parents are punished
as well, i.e. law suite, which is where people starte to pay attention is when it cost them money.....and have their name out for everyone to see maybe the parents will pay more attention to what their kids do.
I also agree that this took place at the school at a game so yes the school is at fault and should be held accountable.
These parents need to stand their ground and not back down......I just hope their daughter is ok because I see first hand how this can effect the child deeper than you think it has.

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