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Mom shoots intruder 5 times to protects her kids...How do you feel about having a weapon in the home?

What a brave and courageous mom! She took down an intruder and left him crying on the floor with gun shot wounds when she and her children fled to get help. The man was caught trying to leave the house. Here is the story:

This story could have ended differently had the family not had a gun in the home. And there has been SO much talk in the news lately about the pros and cons of owning and carrying guns. Do you think families should have a way to protect their home? Do you think owning a gun is the right answer? I've also heard talk about some teachers wanting to be able to carry on school campuses.  What do you all think? 

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The world is a scary place and sometimes that world invades the areas that we should be safe in, like our homes and schools. Bad people and evil people do not follow the rules and laws. Guns are not evil, people are. You must be responsible for your firearms at all times. I was taught from an early age to respect my father's guns and I was taught to use them correctly. We are teaching our son the same things.

Could not have said it better.

I'm all for gun ownership but for some reason guns scare me and I don't think I will own one while my kids are little and in the house.  When I used to be a 911 operator, I think I would secretly smile when a homeowner would shoot a home invader.  However, I think I took too many calls of little kids finding the parents guns and accidentally shooting themselves to own one right now.  I do have an alarm system, a dog, and OC spray.  And when I worked at the police department, the officers used to take me to the shooting range to help me over my fear and teach me firearm safety but I didn't quite get there before I moved on to another job.  The boyfriend is a gun owner though and wants to continue that training.   

I personally wouldn't and don't have a gun in the house. I am glad it turned out well for that mother, and my aunt had a similar experience where she scared away two would-be intruders, so I understand why people would want a gun for protection. But the facts are that guns are more likely to be turned against the homeowner or a family member, either by accident or on purpose. There's a reason this country has 16,000 gun deaths per year while other developed nations have in the hundreds. Parents can teach kids about gun safety all they want but kids are still kids and they don't truly understand the consequencs. Also, they disobey. And lets face it, some families drink or have over relatives who drink. I don't like the idea of guns in schools at all. I would not feel safe with our 12 year old in a school where teachers have guns unless the teacher was also a cop. Although I wouldn't own a gun, I don't advocate banning handguns but I do feel very strongly that we need to ban assault rifles.

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