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So I am in the middle of taking antibiotics for my fourth round of mastitis. :-/  And I'm worried that this time around, the mastitis may have affected my milk supply a bit. I met with the lactation consultant at NF yesterday, and she said a drop is pretty normal during mastitis. She suggested Fenugreek, which I picked up and started taking yesterday.

Do you all have any other suggestions for boosting supply? Did you ever use Fenugreek? A good friend of mine said she started using it about a week or so ago and had great results.

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I have to say, i so proud of you for sticking with it!
Just nurse, nurse, nurse, pump, pump, pump all you can!
Fenugreek is one of those things where it either works really well and you love it, or it does absolutely nothing but make your pee smell weird. Hope you're one that it works for!
Drink plenty of water if you aren't already. I made that mistake with my first and I paid for it. I was always told that nursing solves everything. It helps you get better and baby get better when she's sick, too. So keep at it:)
I really admire how you've stuck with nursing through all this, Stacy. You're an awesome mom!

Fenugreek worked great for me. I got the flu with my second son, and my milk supply dropped dramatically. Of course, I freaked out. But I started feeling better, I kept drinking extra water and taking fenugreek, and within a week my supply was even more than it had been before. (I did start to smell a little like maple syrup though.) Of course, they don't guarantee that it happens that way with everyone, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)

Feel better!
Let me know how this works. You know I had the roughest time with Kaylee and I am hoping that using fenugreek this time around might help me.
I'm using fenugreek and it has definitely boosted my supply. I've also heard that using blessed thistle (another herbal supplement) in conjunction w/ fenugreek helps, though I didn't notice any difference when I tried it. Oatmeal is also supposed to help...

If you're open to pharmaceuticals there is also domperidone (which you'd have to get from Westlab pharmacy, not sure if it requires a prescription?) or Reglan. I decided not to go that route.
gosh are one tough mama for sticking it out...I never took anything for my milk but I wanted to say you go girl and I hope this is the last time it happens to you.....good luck.
I ended up taking the fenugreek for about two weeks, and it worked great! My supply went right back up and has stayed up even after stopping the supplements. Thanks for all the suggestions and support! Now I am just crossing my fingers that the mastitis stays away!!!
My cousin's supply dropped,so she took fenugreek and now her baby is 6 months old,exclusively breastfeed and she has pumped enough extra to donate 3300 oz of breast milk to babies in need.
Wow! That's great!

Jennifer said:
My cousin's supply dropped,so she took fenugreek and now her baby is 6 months old,exclusively breastfeed and she has pumped enough extra to donate 3300 oz of breast milk to babies in need.
I used Fenugreek in combination with Blessed Thistle and it definitely helped boost my supply.

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