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Looking for store with smocked outfits, john-johns, etc?

Hi ladies! I'm new to Gainesville and moved here from Alabama ... I'm expecting again and looking for a shop in town that sells smocked outfits, john-johns, seasonal clothing, big bows, etc! Is there a store in town like that? Not sure if that's the norm here or not, but I dressed my other little ones like this at first and want to get something new for this babe for pictures, etc! Bit of a random question, but thanks for your help!


Sarah :-)

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I ordered adorable smocked gowns from Grammie's Attic which sells online. Amazing outfits!
P.S. I am guessing that john-johns refer to little outfits like JFK Jr. wore? Yes, No, Maybe?
Thank you! I'll check it out! Yes, I think that's where john-johns got their name, but not 100% sure! here is a picture of one:
They are really pricey, but so cute for little boys ... never thought I'd dress my little ones in them, but lived in Mobile, AL when they were all small... Old, Deep South -- when in Rome, right! ... I do love all the pics we got with them dressed up!

Thanks again!
Hi Sarah! I don't have any suggestions, but I just wanted to say welcome to Gainesville! And congrats on your pregnancy!
OH I can't believe I'm hearing a person actually wanting this type of stuff;) I used to make and sell a lot of it online but quit when I went back to work because there really isn't much of a demand. My daughter always wore smocked dresses to school and my son jon-jons...both had day gowns for babywear. There really isn't any place at all here in town that has them sadly--Florida is not Alabama in culture:)
Sarah, there is nothing here like the shops in Mobile :( I have been looking for 2 years because all our little guy wears is john-john's! Fortunately we have family in Mobile so I travel back and forth for the cute outfits and stock up when I'm there. The closest place I've found around here in in Amelia Island (about 2 hrs away) but they don't have near the selection as Kidz Kloset, Tiny Town, Kids Closet or Lil` Ones :((
I don't know of any places that sell them, but I do sew and sell children's clothes on the side, I am more than willing to work with you for custom made pieces if you would like. I try to keep my prices reasonable.
I don't know how to smock, so I can't help you on that, but I can help you on the other things. :)
I am not on here much, so if you are interested, please email me through the PM here or at :)

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