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Ok, you guys have been so great in ideas and tips to find employment!! I was hoping you all could help me one more time and offer some advice on daycare!! I'm looking for a day care that offers both part time and full time!! 

I'm obviously on a fixed income, but I do not want to compromise the safety of my girls or their education, but I really don't know where to look or begin!! Thanks!!

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Its me again ;-)

Check here

I always check out places that are along my work route.  I looked at all of the records and made note of the childcare's noncompliance issues.  Noncompliance over paperwork I would sometimes overlook depending on what it is...but HUGE no-nos like getting a complaint report, or hazardous materials cited...then I make note of it and do not consider that location.  But what I have found over the years...some childcares will have alot of noncompliance items...close down...then reopen and rename their facility.  Which is why I always kept a record of both the good as well as the bad.  If you look at the report you can see that the name of the owner is the same, but he/she just changed the name of the facility.  No.  So keep records on your research in case for future reference.

I then comprised a list of the ones that held the most potential.  Then called around and made notes.  Things like how many times I called before I reached someone, how the employee/director sounded over the phone (points get taken off if sounding rude or overwhelmed), what are the rates, are meals provided, facility hours, etc.

I do not know what part of town you live but I can def recommend O2B Kids Midtown, O2BKids College (Archer Rd location).  Maria Papallo (she's a home daycare..has perfect record and was awesome with my daughter).

I have a personal preference for Licensed Home Daycares over Registered Home Daycares...only because the state upholds stricter guidelines than at Registered ones.   And if I was running a home daycare I would rather be licensed than simply registered anyway for this very reason.

I have heard very good things about My School.  I have heard mixed reviews (mostly good tho) about KidWorks...but I have always liked the idea of the cameras at this location so you can watch your kids while at work.  Although I have no personal experience with these two.

Did not like A Child Place.  Had my son there years ago (like 6 years ago) I was not happy with them, they had a huge turnover rate, I became good friends with one of the workers there who eventually quit and she divulged how unhappy she was there among other things.  But like I said this was 6 years ago, so it is quite possible things have improved since then.

Do your research.

Good Luck :-)

Stay away from Alachua County Childcare Center on NW 13th street. They are cheap but not worth it. Their staff is inexperienced and overwhelmed. My Son was there when he was a year old and received, what I consider abusive discipline, I filed a complaint, but they did not receive a reprimand because they fired the people who had direct care with him, even though they were told by me that the director had told them to do it. Also, A Child's Dream on NW 34th is not very good either. They had an incident where a child under the age of Two was found wandering in the parking lot. I liked Step by Step, my son was there as an infant and the ladies in the infant room were wonderful. The directors are on site most of the time, also and are very friendly. My son is now in a licensed in home daycare that I can walk to from my house. I LOVE it and more importantly HE loves it! It is small, 4 boys under 5 all day and 3 afterschoolers, one of which is her Granddaughter. She has been doing daycare for 30 years or more and serves very good meals and her educational expertise is wonderful! My son has learned so much from her and she nurtures his spirit as well. I don't know where you are located or in what area you need childcare, but she does have openings.  Her fees are very reasonable.She is located in NW Gainesville.

First Presbyterian Preschool does part-time and full-time. The staff is generally well-experienced and great with the kids. They have a very nice infant room.

My daughter was at A Child's Dream but I moved her because I wasn't happy with them. She's now at Education Station. It isn't cheap but it's fantastic.

Has anyone heard or had experience with A Child's Academy? 

hi Susan,

  Can you send me the contact of the home daycare? I am looking for one now and I live in NW area of the town. Thank you!


Its been quite a few years since my son was in childcare so I don't really have any suggestions of centers except for a center that a few friends own; Education Station and Preschool.


I am not sure about your income or how many hours you work or if you go to school, but the Early Learning Coalition can assist with childcare expenses if you meet their criteria. Not sure about the exact criteria but I know that they have a list of "approved" centers or centers that accept their funding and they have different criteria if you work or go to school a certain number of hours. Check them out at

I called her tonight to see if she had an opening anymore, but she said that she did not have another opening at this time as she has a new little boy starting Monday. I will let you know if anything changes. I toured Education Station and liked it a lot, so I would check there.

qqwa said:

hi Susan,

  Can you send me the contact of the home daycare? I am looking for one now and I live in NW area of the town. Thank you!


Thank you, Susan! It's not in a hurry. My boy will start after 3 months.

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