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yeah so we did meet the teacher today at school. i homeschooled my son for kindergarten. this year he really wanted to go to regular school so i said- ok. the registrar was very insistent that he be placed in kindergarten(she was down right hostile from the second i said- we homeschooled. in her mind there was no question my son belonged anywhere else) i took him in for his 20min evaluation last week. i spoke to the evaluator and told her- we homeschooled, he doesn't belong in K can i get him on the list for 1st. she said she didn't see any reason why not. 

at meet the teacher today i find out he's in some kind of blended class which combines kindergarten and first grade. what the heck is this? anyone have their kids go through this class before? i'm very concerned this isn't going to be challenging enough for him. 

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Homeschooling works one of two ways in general--really well or not at all. I home schooled 3 of my kids and I'm also a teacher--I've seen the results of people who thought they were "schooling" by taking their kids to the museum--nothing else just taking them there. Yep--you can see the issues. No reading, writing, no math involved--no thinking. SO--I do understand their attitude--not saying it is right but I do understand it. I was the person who would do the reading testing on home schoolers for several years and then have to tell the parents that they would have to PAY a tutor until their child caught up to where they were supposed to be for their age. It is not a fun thing. How would I feel about a mixed class--to be honest I'd say that the 1st grade kids are very low and need remediation in K skills. They do mix grades like this a lot--esp. since the class size mandate came into being. Know your child-if you feel that this won't fit their skill level (do they know all their letters and the sounds? basic blends? Can they count to 100, write their name? Can they read the basic sight words for K-1?) then go back in and pitch a fit until they change the class. I had an awful time getting my oldest back into high school--they did not want to accept her classes but I was certified in everything so what could they do--the Dean wound up loving her and she graduated in the Top 10 of her class so they do make wrong judgement calls--but, like I said, at that age they are very careful because if a child misses learning those important basics then they rarely catch up. They do worry a lot about the little ones--try not to take it personally because it isn't meant to be-- it is just that there are so many and they want to do the best they can as a school for each child. The current atmosphere has not made it easy. 

yes this is a gainesville school. i had never heard of mixed grade before. this is a new one on me.

my son can read 4-6th grade sight words with ease, he can count to 100- by 2, 5, 10s. he can add and subtract. plus we've talked about multiplication and done the first few tables, he can write. 

the only testing they did on him was to see if he was ready to enter kindergarten. they weren't interested in seeing his learning portfolio and all the different things we did last year. he is very advanced in reading and science. he's had the basics down since he was 4 which is why i said- yeah sure i think we can handle homeschooling K, no problem. 

we talked it over last night and we're going to sit and wait for the semester before we pitch a fit. right now i'll just come across as one of those moms who thinks their kid is the smartest thing ever. hopefully once they have him class for awhile they'll see he doesn't belong there. 

It most likely depends on his age entering school as to whether he's being placed in K or 1st.  If he's just 5 then K is the place for him.  A K/1st combination class is usually a class for high Kindergarteners.  The teacher can teach at a 1st grade level for the most part and the kinders will be able to handle it.

Most elementary schools here have combination classes.  Please keep an open mind, a combo class can be a great experience with the right teacher!  Good luck!

he's 6. he'll be 7 at the end of the school year. 

At our school we do have blended classes. It has been my experience that these are the top learners in this class. The kinders are already reading and know the material. This is a good thing. It will be 1st grade material taught for the most part. And there is room for mediation if needed.
Keep an open mind. This may be better than him being in a fully 1st grade class with 1st graders that really are not ready.

My sister lives in South Carolina and all of her boys were in a mixed K-2nd class for the 1st 3 years of Elem.  They loved it.  Her boys were very advanced in Math and struggled some with reading, so they got to work ahead with the subjects they excelled in and got extra help with the areas where they struggled.  It might be a nice introduction to the school environment for him.  Hope it all works out

thanks everyone. i've done some additional reading about the classes. the general opinion is they're pretty great for advanced kids who can work independently. he's so excited. tomorrow is the big day. he came running out this morning right at 7am so proud of himself- I GOT UP AT 7 all by myself, I AM READY TO GO!

My son was put into a combo class last year entering Kindergarten. I was worried that it would be to much for him. But he did wonderful in it. It finished the school year doing 1st grade work. So this year I was worried about him going into 1st grade and getting bored because he knows the material. But the teacher he had last year went to teaching only 1st grade this year. So he was excited to have the same teacher and I am comfortable knowing that she knows where he is at and knows how to push him. I think these classes are good classes because they do work more independently and it does challenge them more. Good luck to your child and hopefully every thing works out!

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