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I just came across a blog that raises an interesting question...Is Hooters a family-friendly restaurant? What do you all think?


I have eaten at Hooters a few times in the past, and I want to say we ate there once when Aubrey was much younger. but it's not a restaurant I've ever really considered when thinking of somewhere to go with my family.


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i don't consider any restaurant that serves alcohol to be a "family restaurant." perkins is a family restaurant. hooters is casual dining.


I honestly don't find it to have the kind of food that I would want to eat anyway--went there once with my girls and we laughed about it but the girls thought it was demeaning for the waitresses to be dressed the way they were--we tend to stay away from loud places because we actually like to talk to each other not just stare blankly at a TV or watch someone in too short shorts wandering around and the men googling them--family restaurant not--20 something restaurant yes--

I would say yes. They have a kids menu. They do cater to the kids. We've not had a problem. Just don't go on sporting events.

Absolutely not! Any restaurant or business that objectifies women is not for "the family".
i dont thin of it as a family restauraunt at all. i dont have any family  memebers that walk around looking  like that. and there food is mostly deepfried junk nothing i would feed my kids. somebodys idea of "family" is  very skewed!!
we have taken Isabella when she was younger but now that she is at the age where her mind takes EVERYTHING in...we wouldnt do it. Its not a family place...boobs and butt hanging out is not ok not even for adults...and the orange to me is not attractive...why not skirts..a little mystery and much sexier to me...hahaha besides its not the kind of food where im like OMG i have to eat there they have the best stuff! haha
If you choose to eat there it is fine.  I have eaten there but never with Kaylee.  Colin and I have been 2 times.   We didn't find the food all that great.  As far as family atmosphere not for us.   As far as the type of food we consider Beef O' Brady's Family Friendly.
A family restaurant... well they've got something for everyone but the wife! Kids menu for the little ones; nearly exposed body parts for the men to drool over in front of their wives... if my husband ever suggested going, I'd just laugh.
We got there every now and then just for someplace different to go but I don't think our girls are old enough to realize anything unusual (like the short shorts). We always go around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, there are usually no other customers then, and the service is good. But we don't make a habit of going there.
Just because they have a chilldren's menu does not mean children should be there. I have been there, the food is passable, but not on my list of places I'd take my grandchildren. Especially not the 17, 16 and 12 year old boys! lol. They have been there, but I sure would not take them. They went with a friend of a parent taking HER son there for his birthday. The afternoons are probably was not as interesting as the evenings tho-I would think.

I'm obviously not a mom.  I'm only here to add facts.  I have seen men and boys (mildly, such as a single inappropriate grab) physically harass waitresses and management did nothing.  [Still I wouldn't want my 7 year old nephew to copy that disgusting behavior.]  Recently, a Hooter Girl put my computer on her facebook page where she was naked.  Anyone could have looked over my shoulder and seen that.   I have actually seen Lesbian Hooters waitresses (not at all mildly) physically sexually harass the straight Hooters waitresses (in  a Hooters restaurant and in their uniforms while working.)  I would not want children seeing that.  The only two women I have ever known to be whores, yes, actual prostitutes, were Hooters waitresses (in costume and working while making this known to me).  No I would not want children hearing that.  No, neither incident was a joke.  And no, I did not accept their offers of services.  Now you may think that that my experiences are terribly unusual.  But consider the behavior by a Hooters Corporate Trainer outlined in the Jarman Gray case.  To see a copy of the original court petition see The Smoking Gun website, or just Google Jarman Gray and Hooters.  There a Corporate Trainer encouraged the waitresses to perform sex acts for money with the customers.  The Asst. Manager Jarman Gray was fired for objecting.  These are not the most graphic things by far, but these are some of the things I have seen in the afternoon or early evening before 6.  I'm old, single and not going to be affected by anything. Especially since I know who to stay away from.  But I would never take a child into that place.

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