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Is chivalry dead? Should young boys be taught about opening car doors, etc?

I was just reading a book about a family that encourages their young boys to maintain a certain level of chivalry with their sisters and mother, hoping that when they get older, they will continue to open doors and such for their wives. For moms of boys, do you think it's important to teach chivalry to little boys? Do you all still see chivalry alive in today's society, or do you think it's pretty much dead? Is it even important for boys to open car doors still?

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I think ALL children should be taught to open/hold doors, etc.  It's part of teaching manners.  I have two girls and a boy and they all take turns opening the screen door and holding it for the rest of the family, when we get home each day.  And when in public, they all hold doors for each other and for strangers to walk through.  I also make sure to thank whoever the door holder of the day is (usually whoever gets there first), which encourages them to continue to be polite and helpful.

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