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We went to that Town of Tioga event on Friday and that was horrible!!!!  I sat on W Newberry Rd crawling along in traffic trying to get there from 0645 when I pulled off off 98th St until 0830 when I was able to park.  I should have turned around but my kids so, so , so wanted to see snow.  They had big dreams of making a snowman and a snow angel and it was advertised to have 12 tons of snow.  We arrived to stand on a patch of slippery dirty ice with hundreds and hundreds of people and then my boyfriend's 13 year old got pelted in the head with a snow ball. 


So I have three weeks off end of December beginning of January.  I was thinking of renting a cabin somewhere where there is snow.  Does anyone know of a place I can drive to so my little Florida kids can really experience snow for a few days?  I was thinking surely there has to be some places in Georgia and that I don't have to drive all the way to North Carolina or Tennessee. 

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You'd need to go somewhere far enough north to have the temps that support snow, and probably a place where they can make snow. We're going to Gatlinburg TN over Christmas. There's a ski resort there called Ober Gatlinburg that typically has snow December-February.

I have such good memories of going to Gatlinburg.  I went there at 15 years old and the town was just so picturesque. 

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