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How Your Children Can Conquer Anxiety with Tapping

 HI Moms,

This is my first post. This is something dear to my heart and something I use daily that perhaps some of you may be interested in. It’s a FREE 10 day Online Tapping Event. As a grandmom, and a former public school teacher, my dream ever since I learned Tapping is to make it available to parents and teachers to learn it and teach it to children. It’s helpful for parents to learn Tapping first to before teaching it to their children.

Included on day 6 of the series is: “HOW YOUR CHILDREN CAN CONQUER ANXIETY WITH TAPPING”.



• 10 days of audio presentations - an hour each • World experts in the field of EFT (also know as Tapping)

• 2 speakers each night – you choose

• TOPICS: from Pain Relief to Finances, to Self-Care.

• Audios are up for 24 hrs after original presentation. You can listen anytime during that 24 hrs.

Here's registration link. Just first name and email. Registration tab is the bottom of the page.

EFT or "Tapping" has been around for about 15 years. It’s a leading edge energy technique based on Chinese acupressure points, to help people handle stress and emotional upsets. Many people, because of our fast paced lives, live in a state of almost constant fight/flight response. Tapping helps to calm down that response. It’s is being more and more used by therapists, doctors and lay people.

I've had some training in EFT/Tapping and have used it on myself for several years – from stopping headaches and colds, to calming myself down, to clearing and balancing lots of emotional stuff - big and little- including daily annoyances like frustration and overwhelm and procrastination. I've also done a seminar locally to share the technique with people. Some teachers are successfully using it in classrooms to reduce test anxiety.

It's easy for kids to learn. And it's fast. And once they learn it, some of them have taught their friends. And it's so gentle, moms can use it (using touch instead of tap) on infants. It relaxes them. With all the stress kids are under, this would be such a valuable tool. Children are sensitive and register incidents as hurts and fears that we as adults wouldn't think mattered much. I also think of those children who may be bullied. This can really empower kids and improve their self-esteem.

If any of you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

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So this is a link to a program you pay for?

NO, the program is free

Sorry for the brief reply Cindy, I was in the middle of 3 things and clicked too fast.

The registration is for the free series. Did the link work?

Cindy said:

So this is a link to a program you pay for?

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