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I thought this article about GRU that just ran in The Sun was pretty interesting. According to the article, "GRU rates are toward the high end and above the state's other five large public utilities for households that use 1,000 kilowatt hours a month." 


Definitely a bummer. :-/ Do you notice that your bills seem pretty high? What about those who have used a different company and now use GRU? How does it compare?

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Well, let's all remember that January ish is the time of year to conserve water because what you use then determines your waste water charges for the entire year! The one year I was pregnant with Evie and was nesting and washing clothes like a crazy person my winter max got set very high and I had to pay that the whole darn year. So be mindful of water leaks and water usage then to save money on that utility bill.

I had gru for 6 years our bills were hitting $298 in the winter and 210 in the summer, We have clay electric now and the highest my bill ever has been is 196 dollars!  I feel GRU is a rip off

I lived in Hamilton heights and my gru bill was 550 a month, we moved out to Jonesville with clay else and our bill went to 125 and even in the summer it was never over 200 I will say our water with them was very high

It is absolutely criminal what GRU charges its customers---if there was true competition they wouldn't be able to get away with it--I do feel bad for those stuck with GRU--

Our bill has been in the 400.00 range my neighbors bill is close to 500.00 my best friend's bill is 500.00 plus a month. Its crazy because we try to save the lowest bill we have ever received was 230.00. I started a facebook page called GRU is too high please like it.

I thought the same thing when I moved here after having Clay Electric.  Then my friend pointed out that the bill from GRU isn't just electric like the Clay one.  There are about 6 things on my bill besides electric and when I looked at the electric part by itself, it wasn't that bad. My total bill is about $300, but that includes gas, water, wastewater, garbage and stormwater (I've been told that's a city fee, but I'm not sure what it's for).  I'm going to start looking at the back of the bill where it shows each month so I can see if I'm able to conserve some - we'll see if the kids help with that!

I think Jessica has a good point.  Some people even have their internet through GRU too so that's another bill added on that someone doesn't think about when they are comparing themselves to someone who uses a company like Clay Electric.  If they go get their garbage bill and add that and then go get what they are paying to a propane company and add that, etc are they paying less than me who lives in Gainesville?  Doubt it.  I just have one bill and they have three or four.   


How many people use 1,000 kilowatts a month?  Not the average family.  Most people in our town don't use that much so most of us are not paying a rate that is on the high end of the state's average.    I live in a normal house built in the 70's.  It's a  three bedroom and has a bonus room.  I used 679 kilowatts on my last bill.  Did I pay a rate that was on the high end of what everyone else in the state pays?  No.  Looking at my bill I paid $80 for electric this past month.  My house is 1575 square feet.  I have three kids and a boyfriend who lives with me most of the time.  


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