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How do you all feel about the embarrassing trend as a way to discipline?

Here is yet another story about a parent who chose to embarrass a child to teach him/her a lesson:

I feel like these stories are ALL OVER lately! Is this the new parenting trend? How do you all feel about this trend? Would you ever embarrass your children to teach them a lesson?

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I don't agree with the public shame and humiliation approach to discipline. Especially for middle and high school kids. It further isolates them from the parent. This is a family situation, not a spectacle for public entertainment. Often the parents who go to extremes are also the parents with unrealistic expectations. How about giving the kid a phone and requiring them to call in on a regular basis. If they are going to be late for any reason they must call. No call, no going out the next time. Maybe even have them take a photo of where they are and send it just to make sure they are where they are supposed to be. And if they can't get home, go pick them up.

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