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Home Trampolines For Kids Are Too Dangerous, Pediatricians' Group Says

We actually thought about getting a trampoline for our girls but we decided against it because our home owners insurance would have cancelled us. I guess after reading this article, I can see why the insurance company doesn't like trampolines. We were looking at one of the trampolines that was made for younger kids. It was fairly small, pretty low to the ground and with a safety net all the way around.

Do you have a trampoline at your house? Has your child ever gotten hurt on a trampoline? 

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Our ped. was absolutely against it--after researching it I decided that it was simply not smart at all to have them for kids for any reason. Won't have one--ever!

My daughter is four, and we've had one since she was two. She's never been hurt on it, but also never been left alone on it. I think, like most things, it all comes down to parenting. I watch my child, make sure she always stays in the middle, and doesn't jump high. (She mostly just bounces anyway, she's too afraid  to get more than 4 inches in the air.) I think the reason so many people are against it is because they know there's always going to be those lazy parents that think toys and such are "babysitters" for their children, and don't supervise them.

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