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I am looking into home security systems since my hubby will be deployed next year.  Who do you use and what has your experience been with them?  I do not have a land based phone so I need a company that does not require a phone line to work.  Also if you are comfortable with sharing can you give me a range of what the monthly monitoring fees are?


Thanks Regina

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we just got an adt system free, all we paid for was the installation which was 99 dollars, and we pay 43 dollars a month. so far so good ;)
we have ADT as well....paid more for the installation bc we did every door and window etc...and the monthly is 55 bc we also have monitored smoke alarms =) we have had them for 3 years now and they are great!!
We have ADT with no land based phone.   It is around $45 dollars a month.
There is also a wireless system, called SimpliSafe for only $20 a month.
Just heard this afternoon that my neighbor directly across the street had his home broken into.  My other neighbor had seen two males lurking in our neighborhood and walking very slowly, evidently they jumped the fence and broke into his house.  She believes these are the same two guys she saw jump a fence off 51st a couple of months ago.

How scary, Regina! I'm glad you all didn't have any issues! We are also looking into a system, possibly with ADT, but we haven't made any final decisions yet.


Pro Electric has given me the best quote so far, even the ADT guy was impressed.  I have the Crime Prevention folks coming out tomorrow.

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