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Does anyone know of any events that are helping with back to school supplies? Our resources are so slim right now that I see us not being able to afford new school clothes or supplies this year, which really breaks my heart. Any info would be wonderful and thanks in advance.

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If your child is going to an Alachua County Public School there is assistance available for purchasing the "uniforms."  Just contact your child's school.  You might also want to check the volunteer office at the school board as they may have information as to the back to school supply drives.
Thanks so much. We are not in Alachua County, so no uniforms for us :(
I didn't know if there might be some organizations out there that help with school supplies in all counties. Thanks again!

Contact your child's school for assistance.  Many school's quietly take donations from business partners and parents to provide backpacks and supplies.  When we hear of students in need where I teach, the teachers try to pull things together for the students as best as we can.  If you attend religious services, you might want to make an inquiry where you worship to see if assistance is provider as well.  Also, check with your child's (or children's) teachers to see what is absolutely needed.  In the primary grades, the class list tends to be for whole class use, so you may be able to simple send a few of the items in as you can. 

As for clothing, we have some excellent thrift shops in Gainesville.  If you are close enough, maybe you can try that route for school clothes.  We have a large family, so we share the clothes among cousins as they grow up (at least to a certain point).  I teach high school, and many of the kids like Plato's closet for second hand clothes.  Maybe you can get together with friends and swap clothes for the kids if you don't have a large family?

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Theres the back to school stop the violence rally at sante fe college gym on aug 13 from 10am-12 they give away all kind of school supplies,back packs,and info for free you should go check it out
Thank you so much for the info Jenny. Do you know if there is anything special I should do like pre-register or anything because they only have 1200 bags, have you ever been? Could you recommend a good time to get there to ensure we get at least one? I really need 2 but one would be great. Thanks so much for all of the information.


I just sent you a "friend" request - I have a possible resource for you, but I don't want to post it on the general site.  I'd rather just send you the message directly.  A local non-profit organization that I work closely with just told me they would help you with backpacks and school supplies for your children.  I'm not too sure how this "friend" thing works - I just want to send you a private message.  Please get back to me. 

Thanks, Karen

Oh thank you so very much! I accepted your "friend" request! Thank you again.

I sent you a private message.  Good luck to you, and God Bless you and your family.


In addition to the Stop the Violence Rally on August 13th, there is also a Mission Back to School and Backpack blast this Saturday on August 6th in High Springs. In addition to giving out backpacks stuffed with backpacks, there are going to be other kid-friendly activities and services. Here are the details:




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