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Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of any programs that help single moms with housing or daycare in the area.

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For daycare I know of

ELC Early Learning Coalition


I think maybe Peaceful Paths might can offer assistance with housing...I am not 100% sure though.


This is a great website that offers a list of resources available in the community

I found this too




American Red Cross (food voucher for disaster/fire victims) (352) 376-4669

Catholic Charities (pantry food) (352) 372-0294

Gainesville Community Ministry (pantry food) (352) 372-8162

High Springs Social Services (pantry food) (386) 454-1000

Salvation Army (pantry food; dinner served at 4:00 p.m.) (352) 376-1743

St. Francis House (lunch served 10:30am-1:00pm) (352) 378-9079

United Way 2-1-1 for North Central Florida (maintains list of other pantries) 2-1-1 or (352) 332-4636


Bread of the Mighty Food Bank (commodities information) (352) 336-0839

Food Stamp program (866) 762-2237

Eldercare of Alachua County (congregate and home-delivered meals 60+) (352) 265-9040

SHARE Tampa Bay (food co-op) (800) 536-3379

WIC Program (women with children under 5) (352) 392-2757


Arbor House (pregnant women 18+) (352) 371-2229

Pleasant Place (pregnant teens) (352) 373-6993

Interface Youth Shelter (youth 10-17, runaways) (800) 854-5377

Salvation Army (men) (352) 376-1743

Peaceful Paths (domestic violence) (352) 377-8255

St. Francis House (352) 378-9079

Interfaith Hospitality Network (352) 378-2030

VetSpace (veterans) (352) 244-5106

Volunteers of America of Florida (transitional housing for veterans) (352) 377-9440


Alachua County Housing Authority (352) 372-2549

Community Action Agency (home-ownership, rehab, repairs) (352) 373-7667

Gainesville Housing Authority (352) 334-4000

Habitat for Humanity (352) 378-4663

Neighborhood Housing Development Corporation (352) 380-9119

SHIP Program (low income home-ownership/repairs)

Gainesville Department of Community Development (352) 334-5026

Alachua County Growth Management (352) 264-7013

United Way 2-1-1 for North Central Florida (maintains affordable housing list) 2-1-1 or (352) 332-4636


Alachua County Social Services (352) 264-6750

Catholic Charities (352) 372-0294

Community Action Agency (352) 373-7667

Eldercare of Alachua County (60+ utility only) (352) 265-9040

Gainesville Community Ministry (352) 372-8162

High Springs Social Services (386) 454-1000

Salvation Army (utility only) (352) 376-1743


Salvation Army (free for disaster survivors) (352) 376-1743

Christians Concerned for the Community (free) (352) 371-1768

Goodwill Industries (352) 376-9041

Gainesville Community Ministry (thrift shop/clothing assistance) (352) 372-8125/378-3654

Habitat for Humanity (352) 373-5728

United Way 2-1-1 for North Central Florida (maintains list of local thrift shops) 2-1-1 or (352) 332-4636


Gainesville Community Ministry (thrift shop/clothing assistance) (352) 372-8125/378-3654

Goodwill Industries (352) 376-9041

High Springs Social Service (free) (386) 454-1000

Haven Hospice Attic (free with referral letter) (352) 378-7484

Junior League Thrift Shop (free with referral letter) (352) 372-1710

Peaceful Path Thrift Shop (free with referral letter) (352) 379-3133

Salvation Army (free with voucher to thrift store) (352) 376-1743


Alachua County Social Services (bus tokens) (352) 264-6750

AlachuWAY CATS (386) 418-4079

Center for Independent Living (ADA card for disabled) (352) 378-7474

Eldercare of Alachua County (60+) (352) 265-9040

MV Transport (352) 375-2784

Regional Transit System (bus system) (352) 334-2600

Salvation Army (Limited RTS vouchers) (352) 376-1743


Alachua County Public Schools (adult education, GED) (352) 955-7632

Displaced Homemakers Program (women 35+) (352) 395-5047

Experience Works (55+) (352) 244-5108

Florida Works One Stop (352) 955-2245

Job Corps (youth 16-24) (352) 377-2555

Job Junction (352) 335-1311

Santa Fe College Career Resource Center (352) 395-5824

Vocational Rehabilitation (352) 955-3200

Youth Employment Program (teens 14-20) (352) 955-2245

United Way 2-1-1 for North Central Florida (maintains a list of job lines) 2-1-1 or (352) 332-4636


Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Mid-Florida, Inc. (debt management) (352) 371-2227

Alachua County Extension Service (financial management) (352) 955-2402


Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County (ext. 109) (352) 375-4110

Alachua County Health Department (list of licensed in-home day care) (352) 334-7930


Abuse Hotline (800) 962-2873

ACORN Clinic (medical/dental) (352) 485-1133/485-2772

Alachua County Crisis Center (352) 264-6789

Alachua County Health Department (352) 334-7900

Alachua County Library District (352) 334-3900

Alachua County Sheriff (352) 367-4000

Center for Independent Living (disabled) (352) 378-7474

Department of Children and Families (352) 955-5010

Elder Helpline (800) 262-2243

Gainesville Police (352) 334-2400

Gainesville Regional Utilities (352) 334-3434

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare (352) 374-5600

Poison Control Hotline (800) 222-1222

Rumor Control (disasters, situations of community concern) 3-1-1 or (352) 264-6557

Three Rivers Legal Services (352) 372-0519

Social Security Administration (352) 375-4178/ (800) 772-1213

US Post Office (all postal information) (800) 275-8777

United Way 2-1-1 for North Central Florida

6031 NW 1st Place, Gainesville, Florida 32607-2025

To get or give help call 2-1-1

Phone: (352) 332-4636 Fax: (352) 331-2111

E-mail: Web site:

Thank you but I tried them and according to them I make too much money even though I can barely pay all the bills.

Kia said:

For daycare I know of

ELC Early Learning Coalition


I think maybe Peaceful Paths might can offer assistance with housing...I am not 100% sure though.


This is a great website that offers a list of resources available in the community

Yea ELC turned me away too. :-/

Have you tried Catholic Charities? You don't have to be Catholic - 96% of the people they assist are NOT Catholic.  352-372-0294 in the Gainesville area.

Have you applied for child support?


As far as housing goes I only know of one descent place. Madison Cove Apartments on Archer Road is income based. The application fee is $50. which might be hard to come by if your strapped for cash, but once you put your application in it doesn't take long to get into an apartment. They tell you that you will be put on a waiting list and the wait could be 6 months, but it never really takes that long. A friend of mine that lives there got in in only a few weeks, and her neighbor was only on the waiting list for a month. I know for a 2 member household making $1500.00 a month the rent was only $350. a month for a 2 bedroom. So depending on how many members are in your family, and your income it could be less or more. Let's say it's you, and your two children, and you work full time but only make minimum wage, and you get a small amount for child support, your monthly income would probably be between $900.-$1600. Since it's a 3 person family you could probably get a 2 bedroom for around $250-$300 a month, or a 3 bedroom for $350-$400 a month. The application has the exact amounts but it's close to that. Also they do a background check on everyone that lives there, so no felonies. They keep the complex really clean and nice. They have a pool, and a weight room/gym. I've also heard that the manager holds community events. A resident I met at the pool was telling me about some of the things they do there, like community yard sales, and zumba classes. They also have a basketball court, and tennis courts. So it's affordable, clean, and very low crime.

Harbor Cove and Brookside apartments here in town are also income based and are nice places to live. Check them out as well. 

Thanks guys I will check those places out!

I contacted the apartments and even at the income restricted rates they are still too much a month for me unless I get some help or find a more affordable daycare. The daycare I have her at I love but they are kind of expensive. Does anyone know what daycares are over near archer rd area? Im not sure how much her dad can or will help but I would like to be able to know I can do this on my own just in case.

o2b kids college is a good one, its off of Archer Rd.  Call them they usually are full though.  My son used to go there.  (352) 378-8838

A Childs World was a recommendation from a friend of mine, who she had there from birth to 5.  the owner Erik is super nice and can work with you if you talk about your situation.  My daughter loves it there and never wants to leave. :-)   (352) 378-6343


Another good recommendation is My School.  This is off of 34th street.  I have heard nothing but good things from this school...unfortunately they have a long waiting list

352) 373-1328

If you don't mind how much per month/per week are you looking to pay, and how many days/hours are you looking for per week?

Jennifer Dowin, 

What apartments did you call? I am in the same boat has for housing. I'm living in Subsidized housing right now through Alachua County Housing Authority and they keep calling DCF on me for petty stuff. I want to move out!! All I want to do is live and take care of my daughter without any one thinking that I'm a bad parent. I raised my daughter for the past 16 months and Since January. I have had three calls made against me. I'm sick of it!!. 

I am wanting to go to Harbor Cove and apply for their apartments. Is Harbor Cove income based? or income restriction. I don't make that much right now. And I'm barely making it by. And I applied for section 8 voucher but there is a long waiting list but I am the 39th person on the list but there's not telling when they are going to get up to my name.. 

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