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Apparently some moms are are purchasing helmets for their infants who are learning to crawl. While I know some children have to wear helmets for medical purposes, I have never heard of a child wearing a helmet to protect his or her head while learning to crawl. Have you heard of this trend? Would you ever put a helmet on your child?

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We have tile floors, and my daughter has had a few bumps in her 18 months, but perhaps having an older child makes me less concerned. Of course, we've done the standard baby proofing, but I personally would not do a helmet.

No...I would not make my kids go around with a helmet when on hard floors. That would be all the time for them. Bumps and bruises happen :)

WHAT?!?!?! I just think we missed our calling "inventing things for overly protective parents".  People just say NO!!!!!!!

I love it Kelly! Definitely a missed calling!

Caden is 14 months and a bit clumsy but no.  Kaylee is fine and we had all the same things. 

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