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My 4-year-old has had a pretty nasty cough, especially at night, for the past couple weeks (no other symptoms). We asked her pediatrician about it at the well check, and she said my daughter has the classic signs and symptoms of allergies. She prescribed an OTC antihistamine and a humidifier in her room. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? Has your child ever battled allergies? Did he or she grow out of it? 

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My daughter is only 17 months but we had struggled with ear infections since she was 6 months old. Partially due to genetically small ear tubes thanks to dad. But we had an ear infection every 10 days. SHe was constatly snotty. And going to day care, there was always something in the air.


I have ran into two schools of thought among pediatricians. Many feel that toddlers and infants are too young to have allergies.


I took her anyway to a pediatric allergist and had her tested. Among seasonal allergies such as cedar and oak, she has allergies to dust mites, mold, dogs, cat, EGGS, STRAWBERRIES, and CANTALOUPES!!!!


Now she does not break into a rash, stop breathing, get hives. Nothing, she just gets snotty. Nothing is a severe allergy and the allergist said most food allergies are outgrown by age 6. But nonetheless we avoid the food, bought air purifiers for the house, take nasonex, and children's allegra when needed. (Children's zyrtec made her very grumpy and irritable.) Note we do not use a humidifier because it will aggrevate her allergy to mold.


Low and behold NOT A SINGLE ear infection in 5 months!!! It has been the best thing EVER! Now, once in a while I will giver her strawberries or scrambled eggs. I just moderate what she eats.


I am 100% for getting allergy tested. Things like ezcema are also aggrevated by allergies.

Sandra, that is so great that you took your daughter to get allergy tested!  Knowing and understanding allergies is a key component to everyone's health.  With it being back-to-school time, it is very important that your child's allergies are properly diagnosed so that we as parents know what allergens to avoid - whether it is a food allergen or an environmental allergen. 

At our office, Gainesville Medical Centers, we can test anyone over the age of 6 months!  Most children outgrow their food allergies, but some can linger.  I am glad to answer any other questions or address any concerns related to this subject of allergies and food sensitivities.  

Ezcema is most commonly a food allergy and to Sandra's point, ear infections are also sometimes a result of allergies.  Before getting tubes placed or continually going on antibiotics, it could be beneficial to get allergy tested.  

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