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I know that there is a fee to ride the glass bottom boats but since they are advertizing it as "Come see Natural Florida" i am wondering if all the jeep rides and light house rides and giraffes and petting zoos and carosuels and such are gone now.  I'd like to know before I take the trek down there if anyone    has been recently.  

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Everything is gone but the glass bottom boats, a few food spots and whatever is natural around there. All of the other animals, shows,etc are gone. There will be occasionally music concerts on the lawn. I'm sad to see the alligators, etc go--they were great educational exhibits for all of us. We really loved the jeep ride and the giraffes too...oh well. 

Thanks, Cherie.  I don't think I am going to make the drive this weekend then.  You saved me some gas.   

It isn't "free" unless you have a state park yearly pass--otherwise it is either 6 or 8 dollars per carload. 

We went in April and the Jeep was still there and the glass bottom boats and that was it. No exotic animals of any kind. It was a real rip off. We went with the school and everyone was complaining about it. The only plus was no lines! I won't be going back and it is a real shame. That was the 1st grade field trip at our school every year and we really looked forward to it.

Go to the zoo at Santa Fe College--the students do a really nice job with the kids. I don't know why more schools don't go there--plus you can then see the rock cycle and the planetarium if you get it all scheduled right. I know--I am sad to see Silver Springs go--loved all the animal exhibits.

I hadn't heard about this change! We took the girls a few years back and had a nice time, but it doesn't sound like there is really much of anything there to do now. :-/

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