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Does anyone have any recommendations for a good hair stylist for little boys?  Thank you.

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My son is 6 and for the past year I have been taking him to Chris Leggette at Hair Hunters in Hunter's Crossing.  He has been really great with my son.  If your boys are younger than 5 and squirly, I don't know how he would do.  But my son does great for getting his hair cut with Chris.

Thank you.  I will check into taking them there.  My boys are 4 and 6 and sit for haircuts really well, it is just where we have been going they don't give really good haircuts.  I would like for them to have a better looking cut.  

Thanks again.

Well- my son has his own style and Chris appeases him really well.  He likes it short but not too short and it has to be something that he can gel or style on top in a "cool" way.  I think you'll be happy with him :)

We have taken my son to colen's for his whole 4yrs of life haha. His dad has been going there for over 10yrs. Great people. The owner David is really great with the little guys.

I recently took my son to the hair place (don't remember the name) in Haile Shopping Center. They were great. I have also taken him many times to Great Clips in the Oaks Mall. They're great too.

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