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Can anyone recommend a good gymnastics or dance teacher/class? I just recently moved to Gainesville and I'm looking for a fun activity for my very active three year old daughter. Hoepfully one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. ;)

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Gymnastics: There are really only 3 choices - Sun Country Sports Center, O2BKids and the YMCA. All of those places have monthly membership dues, or discounts for members anyway. Click here to read more about each of those programs. For what it's worth, my daughter (now 8) LOVES taking gymnastics at Sun Country Sports Center.


Dance: There are a lot more choices when it comes to dance for kids in Gainesville. Click here to see all the available kids dance programs in the area. There is a HUGE range in the types of classes offered and the cost of those programs. Some programs ask you to register for the whole school year. Your child attends once a week and performs in a big production/recital at the end of the year. (i.e. Sun Country, O2BKids, Cameron Dance, Joni Messler, Independance Studio and others.) I would estimate that most of these programs cost between $30 and $75/ month.  Other programs are available where your child can attend (and pay) on a class by class  or a one month/ one session basis with no long term commitment. (i.e. Sprout Learning Resources, GACA, the little shop, Gainesville Creative Kids, Studio Percussion, and others.) These classes typically cost between $5 and $20 a class. So, it really depends on what kind a program you're looking for.



Well you need to drive to Williston, we have ABT certified classes and we are very affordable.  3 year old class is about $25.00 per mo. doesn't get any better than that. Sarah Ingly a writer for the Gainesville sun is the Instructor at our school, she is top notch.

DOXA dance studio is good also.

Thanks ladies!  How far is Williston? I just moved here and I know how to get to the park and a few stores, but that's about it!  Lol. We probably won't start classes until after the holiday season is over, but I'm glad to have a few places to check out. :)

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